Laparoscopic Hand assisted donor right Hepatectomy

    Mr XYZ , 25 year male volunteered to donate the right side of his liver to his mother who was suffering from cirrhosis of liver for which transplant was required. After full evaluation, counselling and authorisation, he was planned for surgery. The routine procedure for surgery involves an incision of approximately 10-12 inches. In this case we decided to modify the procedure by using Minimally Invasive hand assited laparoscopic Hybrid procedure. The removal of right side of liver was safely conducted with a resulting incision only 7 inch in length, thereby minimising post operative pain and wound discomfort. Donor was safely discharged home on d7. this was the first such case in Mumbai.

    Dual Lobe Transplant

    Mr ABC was advised Liver Transplant due to cirrhosis and associated problems. He did not receive a cadaveric donor liver while waiting and getting sicker. His family members volunteerd to donate a part of liver to him. The first donors right side of liver was inadequate for Mr ABC, while the seconf donor had a small left side making it unsafe for the 2nd donor.

    The experienced transplant team at KDAH decided to take the right side from the first donor and left side of liver from the second donor. This ensured safety for both donors and adequate liver volume for Mr ABC.

    After full evaluation, counselling and authorisation simultaneous three teams did this procedure. From donor 1 , right side of liver was removed; from donor 2 left side was removed and both were transplanted in the recipient. Both donors were safely discharged on d8 while the recipient also had both the grafts functioning.

    This was the first reported dual lobe transplant in Mumbai and Western India.