Dr. Pranav Chadha - Best  Radiation Oncologists in Mumbai

Dr. Pranav Chadha

Consultant, Radiation Oncology and Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery


  • YEARS OF PRACTICE: 13 years
  • GENDER: Male
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Hindi
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I’m a Radiation Oncologist with 13 year experience-journey having spent my learning and practicing years at multiple institutes witnessing the evolving paradigm of this discipline. My interests have been site-specific and technique specific with basic idea of attaining objective outcomes both in terms of failures/successes. The idea of joining Radiation Oncology stems from my affliction towards the physics from my school days and it helps me to enjoy, propogate and develop further improvements in this clinical faculty

My Mantra

Virtus Non Stemma (Goodness NOT Greatness)


Neuro-oncology, Head & Neck Oncology, Thoracic Oncology, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy/radiosurgery, Total Body Irradiation


Complex radiotherapy planning 4DCT, MRI-CT based fusion, PET-CT based, Adaptive planning; Image guided/ intensity modulated/ Arc based radiotherapy; Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery; Total Body Irradiation 46 in 2 years – Team member-Bone marrow Transplant; Brachytherapy-interstitial/intracavitary


Prostate, Lung malignancies, Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery (SRS/SRT) MRI-CT fusion based advanced radiotherapy planning based for Brain, Spine, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy(SBRT)-trained with 4DC, Active Breathing Control-Prior institute-Medanta,The Medicity for all the selected sites, Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT),Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Blood product Irradiation-Radiation Oncology Co-ordinator


    • SIOP Pediatric Fellowship 2009
  • Scientific Committee & programme convenor/faculty BEST OF ASTRO-2015 hosted by KDAH&RC.
  • Course Advisor –Stereotactic School @KDAH&RC every 3 months

Dr Pranav has been part of various prestigious institutes like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute-New Delhi,Tata Memorial Hospital-Mumbai , Medanta,The Medicity-Gurgaon NCR

KDAH Experience:

  • Currently associated as Consultant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.
  • He has vast experience and has excelled in Stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy/Stereotactic (Cranial) with over 100 procedures including Trigeminal Neuralgia, Acoustic neuroma, Meningioma, base of skull chordoma.
  • UICC Travel Grant for UICC World Cancer Congress, Washington DC, USA, July 8-12,2006.
  • SIOP LOC fellowship for SIOP Annual Congress of Paediatric Oncology, Mumbai, India,Nov 1-3, 2007.
  • AROI Travel Fellowship Award for Best paper presentation AROICON-2007, Chennai, India Nov29 - Dec2, 2007
  • Best poster "Retrospective analysis of Lung Cancer patients at RGCI & RC- study of prognostic factors" Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute's International Conference-New Delhi, India March 27-29, 2009.

Research Activities

  • Co-Principal Investigator in Study entitled "A Comparison of FDG-PET versus MRI based target volume delineation in Glioblastoma and the role of FDG-PET in the alteration of MRI based target volumes {Registered with NIH vide ID no. AHD1234}
  • Hospital Based Cancer Registry (Approval no. 505) - ICMR Project at Medanta-The Medicity.
  • Co-Investigator: Phase III randomized trial in NSCLC comparing Pemetrexed to standard arm (Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Research centre)
  • Co-Investigator Two trials ongoing Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Research centre: PACIFIC II & CALLA

Posters/abstracts (International-noteworthy)

  • Incidental Dose to Axilla in Early Breast Cancers with Different Radiation Techniques: DOI: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2011.06.453.
  • Comparison of invasive & non-invasive frame for set-up error accuracy in intracranial radiotherapy- An Indian Institute Experience (accepted in ASTRO-2016.
  • Pranav Chadha, A. Verma, Department of Radiation Oncology Oswal Cancer Institute Ludhiana, Punjab, India, UICC World Cancer Congress 2006 : A Comparison of Different Dose Fractionation Schedules in Whole Brain Irradiation In Brain Metastases in terms of Acute & Late effects.
  • Pranav Chadha, A Verma, Department of Radiation Oncology Oswal Cancer Institute Ludhiana, Punjab, India UICC World Cancer Congress ,2006 : Clinical Comparison of 2 Linear Quadratic Model based Isoeffect Fractionation Schedules in Cancer Esophagus.
  • Pranav Chadha, Mahantshetty Umesh , Shrivastava Shyam K Dinshaw Ketayun, Dept of Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai, India National Conference of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, AROICON-2007 Nov 30, 2007, Chennai, India: Bladder filling time and maintenance of constant volume during the course of radiotherapy in cancer cervix.
  • P.K Sharma, S.V Jamema, U.Mahantshetty Pranav Chadha, D D Deshpande, S.K.Shrivastava, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India, presented at American Brachytherapy Society World Congress May 4-6, 2008, Boston : 3D - image based dosimetric evaluation of gynecological high dose rate (HDR) interstitial brachytherapy.
  • Pranav Chadha, A. Munshi, Jalali R Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai AROICON-2008 Mumbai, India Nov27-Nov30, 2008: Accuracy of physical examination and mammography in predicting the pathological tumour size of early-stage breast cancer.
  • J.P Agarwal, Pranav Chadha, Rajeev Chaudhary, Department of Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India (Selected for poster)13th World Conference on Lung Cancer,, San Fransisco, USA, July 31-Aug 4 , 2009 Correlation of RPA RTOG criteria with tumor related factors in cancer lung with brain metastases.
  • XVI based Tumor delineation Uncertainities, An institutional experience :T kataria, Ashu Abhishek, Pranav Chadha; Medanta Cancer Institute, Medanta-the Medicity ; ESTRO 2010 Sept 12-16,2010 (Poster).


  • Ovarian Cancer - Comprehensive and Contemporary Management: Chitrathara, Rajaram, Maheswari (editors), 2009, Jaypee, ISBN: 978-81-8448-539-4; Section 8 - Special Scenarios- Radiotherapy in ovarian cancer - current concepts.
  • Letter to Editor, Ref no. ROB_ROB-D-10-00061: Non standard protocol for treatment of carcinoma esophagus does not suffice for identification of prognostic markers in retrospective Study; Puri A, Rawat S, Pranav Chadha: International Journal Of Radiation Oncology Biology & Physics (Red Journal) Volume 77, Issue 4, Page 1288.
  • Validation of Recursive Partitioning Analysis Classification in Patients with BrainMetastases from Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Short-course Accelerated Radiotherapy; J.P. Agarwal , T. Wadasadawala , A. Munshi , P. Chadda (P. Chadha) , R. Apsani , M. Upasani : Clinical Oncology 22 (2010) 837-843.
  • X ray Volumetric Imaging (XVI) in determining Setup margins: An Institue's Experience; Dr. T. Kataria, Dr. Ashu Abhishek, Dr. Pranav Chadha, Medanta-The Medicity :
  • Analysis of Dose-Volume parameters predicting Radiation Pneumonitis in Conformal Radiation Therapy for Esophageal cancer; Gaurav Kumar, Sheh Rawat, Abhishek Puri, Pranav Chadha, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, India : Japanese Journal Of Radiology (2012) 30:18–24.
  • A Comparison of Fluro-Deoxy Glucose-Positron Emission Tomography (FDGPET)Versus Magnetic Resonance (MR) Based Target Volume Delineation inPost-operative Glioblastoma Kataria, Chadha Pranav,J Nucl Med Radiat Ther 2014, 6:1.
  • Conformity and Dose homogeneity in Different stereotactic techniques employed for Acoustic Neuroma; D Sharma, Pranav Chadha, Anad B, Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai: Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics Volume 10 issue 1.
  • Transabdominal Ultrasonography-Defined Optimal and Definitive Bladder-Filling Protocol With Time Trends During Pelvic Radiation for Cervical Cancer;Mahantshetty Umesh;Deepak Kumar;Pranav Chadha;Rajiv Choudary :Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment. 16(6):917–922, DECEMBER 2017
  • Stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung tumors: Dosimetric analysis and clinical outcome. Kaustav Talapatra1, Dipanjan Majumder1, Pranav Chadha1 et al, Indian Journal of Cancer 2018 Vol 55: 170-175
  • Dosimetric Comparison of 6 MV Flattening Filter Free and 6 MV Stereotactic Radiosurgery Beam Using 4 mm Conical Collimator for Trigeminal Neuralgia Radiosurgery Vaibhav Mhatre Pranav Chadha  Journal of Radiation Research 43(3):107-111
  • A Rare Case of Synchronous Cervical and Breast Carcinoma Pranav Chadha, Archana Shetty, Amol P Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology 9(9)
  • Adult-onset Clavicular Ewing’s Sarcom/Peripheral Neuroectodermal tumo : A diagnostic challenge
  • Himanshu Rohela, Sewanti Limaye, Pranav Chadha (Article in press Journal of Current Oncology 2019)

Articles submitted for publication

  • Dosimetric Comparison of two linear accelerator based radiosurgery system for Intracranial tumours with Rapid Arc and Dynamic conformal Arc therapy (submitted to British Journal of Radiology November 19, 2019 BJR-D-19-00971, Vaibhav Mhatre, Rajkumar Chauhan, Pranav Chadha et al

Professional Memberships

  • Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI)
  • American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
  • Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPI)
  • Jaidev H Soni, Tanzania

    Being an overseas patient, it’s something we don’t find back home-“service”

    I had to undergo radiation after my operation and visited Dr Pranav.

    From the word go from explaining the whole proced...

  • Carol & Niel Sunde, England

    Dr Pranav Chadha and Team,

    Coming from abroad and not knowing what to expect we were happy with an efficient and informative reception and consultant.

    Treatment with both radiotherapy and chemotherapy is diffic...

  • Ms. Megha Kuchu, Mumbai

    Cancer treatments can be intimidating depressing and alienating. But Dr Pranav Chadha and his team especially Rasika ensured that I was comfortable, warm and looked after throughout the four weeks of treatment.

    I have been thro...

  • Mrs Sunita Prasher, Mumbai

    We liked caring nature of Dr Pranav Chadha very much. We liked the way he explained the whole procedure of radiotherapy to us. His guidance for future especially about the food items to be avoided for whole life (explained with reasons) will re...

  • Mrs. Sita Bhambhwani

    Radiotherapy-Dr Pranav Chadha

    Chemotherapy-Dr Sandeep Goyle

    Pain Management- Dr Mahesh Menon

    Thankful to Dr Pranav Chadha, Dr Sandeep Goyle and Dr Menon for their support and care which proved ...

  • Amar Thakur, Mumbai

    It was a pleasant morning in November 2013 when my brother(Aditya Thakur) complained about the pain in the neck with big lump swollen on right side of the neck. The lump was hard and it was very painful for my son. So we showed him to local d...

  • Vijayalaxmi Shivram Shetty, India

    Overall it was good experience, the staff is co operative, the only complaint my mom used to have was that at times the duration of radiation used to vary, sometimes it used to be of longer time and sometimes used to finish too early. Dr Pranav...

  • Ganesh Pudusery, Mumbai

    It was a good experience overall with treatment at KDH (Radio Oncology) under the guidance of Dr Pranav Chadha & team. All our questions and doubts were clearly and very patiently answered giving us confidence in the entire process.

  • Rameez Momin, India

    One of the best experiences of the treatment with Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

    Doctor: Very positive vibe, good consultant, guiding towards proper treatment path, always available to help and very cooperative.


  • Lalitha Thiyagaraja, India

    I underwent Radiation Therapy under Dr Pranav Chadha from 25th April 2016 till 3rd June 2016 (% weeks +1 Weeks booster).

    The overall experience from planning till post therapy review was excellent. Whenever ther...

  • Ms Muziranenge Anysie

    My stay in Kokilaben Hospital has been pleasant and profitable. I really appreciate the work of the doctors along with dedicated nurses who never cease caring for patients.

    The diet was good with continental food for international pa...

No. Journal Code Department Type Download
1 462 Center for Cancer International -

Publication/Talk Title : A Comparison of Fluro-Deoxy Glucose-Positron Emission Tomography (FDGPET)Versus Magnetic Resonance (MR) Based Target Volume Delineation in Post-operative Glioblastoma -Principal Investigator and designed the study

Journal Published : Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy

2 460 Center for Cancer International -

Publication/Talk Title : Critical Neurological Structure Sparing Radiosurgery Of Vestibular Schwannoma: Dosimetric Comparison Of Different Techniques And Dose Prescription Methods

Journal Published : JCRT

3 451 Center for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : A rare case of synchronous breast & cervical cancer

Journal Published : Indian Journal Of Surgical Oncology

4 106 Center for Cancer National Download

Publication/Talk Title : Critical Neurological Structure Sparing Radiosurgery of Vestibular Schwannoma: Dosimetric Comparison Of Different Techniques and Dose Prescription Methods

Journal Published : Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics

5 10 Center for Cancer International Download

Publication/Talk Title : Comparison Between Weekly Cisplatin-Enhanced Radiotherapy and Cetuximab-Enhanced Radiotherapy in Nationally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer: First Retrospective Study in Asian Population

Journal Published : Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology

Disease/technique No. of Cases Treated International success rate KDAH success rate

CNS tumors

245 45-65% 54%

Head &Neck

657 65-85% 76%
Lung 46 35-50% 40%
Prostate/GU/Gyn 67 70-90% 85%
IMRT/IGRT 1000 65-80% 70%
SRS/SRT/SBRT 110 65-80% 75% (maximum in Mumbai-Maharashtra)

Dr. Pranav Chadha

Base of Skull Chordoma-Excellent outcome > 5 years

Ewing's skull parietal-temporal treated with Intensity Modulated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Trigeminal Neuralgia refractory Cone based X Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Ca Palate recurrence Intensity Modualted Stereotactic Body radiotherapy

Glioblastoma Reirradiation Stereotactic radiosurgery

Carcinoma Endometrium with Pubic bone metastatses Stereotactic Body radiotherapy Flat bone -excellent response pain free/mineralization

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