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Dr. Rajesh Mistry

Dr. Rajesh Mistry

Director-Oncology & Consultant Surgical Oncology (Thoracic & Head/Neck Oncology)


  • Thoraco-laparoscopic Oesophagectomy
  • Thoracoscopic Surgery

Services Offered

Thoraco-laparoscopic oesophageal resection for cancer, Open and thoracoscopic lung surgeries for malignand benign lung pathologies, Pleuro-pneumonectomy for malignant mesothelioma, Endoscopic management of tracheal tumours and tracheal resections, Surgery for gastric neoplasm, Head Neck surgeries (composite resections, laryngectomies, cranio-facial resection, surgery for parotid, thyroid and parathyroid tumours)

Languages spoken

Hindi, English, Marathi

Dr. Rajesh Mistry is Director, Oncology & Consultant Surgical Oncology at Kokilaben Hospital.

Dr. Mistry received medical degree with honors from Seth G. S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai University in 1984. He interned and completed a General Surgical Residency at KEM Hospital, Mumbai in 1985. He completed Surgical Oncology training at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in 1992.

Dr. Mistry joined Tata Memorial Hospital as Assistant Surgeon in Head Neck Oncology in 1992; subsequently he became Professor and Surgeon heading a Head Neck Unit. He then moved to Thoracic Surgical Oncology and became Professor and Chief of the service in 2002.

He has trained several surgical residents and has been teacher for MCh (surgical oncology). He has demonstrated live surgeries in surgical workshop and given several invited lectures and oration. He has published several scientific articles in peer reviewed journal and contributed to chapters in books.


  • 690

    Number of cases of thoracic oncology Performed by Dr. Rajesh Mistry from 2009-2015

  • 352

    Minimal Invasive Surgeries (MIS)

  • Number of cases of thoracic oncology Performed by Dr. Rajesh Mistry from 2009-2015

    Total: 690

  • 338

    Open Surgeries

  • 248

    Total number of Esophagectomies

  • 178

    Total number of Lobectomies

  • 14

    Robotic Surgery - Esophagectomies

  • 2

    Robotic Surgery - Lobectomies

  • 5

    Robotic Surgery - Mediastinal masses


He was principal investigator for clinical trials involving various aspects of oesophageal (extent of nodal dissection, role of induction chemotherapy, novel method of performing laparoscopic jejunostomy) and lung cancer (PET CT in lung cancer, pulmonary metastesectomy).

In the Head Neck Oncology, he was actively involved in clinical studies of early cancer of oral tongue and buccal mucosa, larynx conservation trial for advanced laryngeal and hypophagryngeal cancer and selective neck dissection for oral cancer. He was actively involved in cranio facial surgery and maintained prospective database of base skull surgery. He pioneered at submandibular salivary gland transfer' for preserving salivary function in patients on radiation therapy in India.

No. Journal Code Department Type Download
1 420 Centre for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : VATS Management Of Bronchogenic Cyst - Our Experience

Journal Published : International Journal Of Current Advanced Research

2 419 Centre for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : Perioperative Complications Of Esophagetomy Post Neo Adjuvant Treatment Versus Primary Surgery - Our Experience And Review Of Literature

Journal Published : Indian Journal Of Cancer

3 418 Centre for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : Carmeys Triad-Case Report & Review Of Literature

Journal Published : Journal Of Case Reports

4 417 Centre for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation for Prolonged QT Syndrome A Case Report

Journal Published : Indian Journal Of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery

5 329 Centre for Cancer National -

Publication/Talk Title : Superior Vena Cava Syndrome: A Radiation Oncologist's Perspective

Journal Published : Journal Of Cancer Research And Therapeutics

6 218 Centre for Cancer International -

Publication/Talk Title : Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry With Gypsum Wallboard (Drywall)

Journal Published : Radiation Protection Dosimetry

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