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Dr. Trupti Pethkar

Consultant - Anaesthesiologist

MD (Anaesthesia)

  • GENDER: Female
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati
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General anaesthesia


Difficult airway management, Anaesthesia in robotic and bariatric cases, Regional Anaesthesia-Spinal and epidural anaesthesia, Brachial plexus blocks, Transverse abdominal plane block, Central and arterial line cannulations, Intraoperative management of critical cases, Oncosurgeries- head and neck, uterine, thoracic, abdominal surgeries, Robotic radical prostatectomies, hysterectomies, nephroureterectomy, videoendoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection, Radical cystectomy with neobladder or ileal conduit, Major hepatic resections, Spine surgeries, Sitting position- shoulder surgeries, Prone position-PCNL, Lateral position-nephrectomies

Dr Trupti pursued her graduation from JJ Hospital and post graduation in Anaethesia from Tata Memorial hospital-Mumbai. She then worked at various institutions across Maharashtra before joining Kokilaben Hospital in 2012.

KDAH Experience :

Dr Trupti joined as Consultant Anaesthetist in 2012 and since handled more than 2800 cases at the hospital which includes Anesthesia for procedures such as Robotic Surgeries, Robotic radical prostatectomies, Lap sleeve gastrectomy, lap minigastric bypass, LSCS etc.

Dr Trupti also provided guidance to students as a guide for Anaesthesia Programme.

  • Paper presentation on 'Anaesthetic Management of Cystic Hygroma of Tongue in a Child' in WAD (World Anaesthesia Day Conference)-2007. Dr Trupti S Pethkar, Dr Anila D Malde
  • Publication of the same in Journal Of Anaesthesia Clinical Pharmacology as a Letter to Editor in July-September 2011/vol. 27/ issue 3/421-423 Dr Trupti S Pethkar, Dr Anila D Malde
  • Written Chapter in the 'Textbook of Practical Approach to Emergency Anesthesia' on 'Anesthesia for Intestinal Obstruction' in section III General Surgery (Dr Amla G Kudalkar, Dr Trupti S Pethkar) published in March 2011
  • Written Chapter in the 'Textbook of Practical Approach to Emergency Anesthesia' on 'Anesthesia for Neonatal and Pediatric Abdominal Emergencies' in Pediatric Surgery section (Dr Anila D Malde, Dr Trupti S Pethkar, Dr Aklesh S Tandekar) published in March 2011
  • Paper presentation on "Procedural Sedation using Dexmedetomidine for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients undergoing Stem Cell Therapy (A case series of 20 patients)" on 28th December in National conference- ISACON (Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Conference) 2011 Dr Trupti S Pethkar, Dr Hemangi S Karnik, Dr Bharti A Tendolkar
  • Poster presentation on "A two stage surgery for Extensive Cervico-dorsal Koch's Spine- A case report" on 28th December in National conference- ISACON 2011.Dr Sagar Kolli, Dr Hemangi S Karnik, Dr Trupti S Pethkar, Dr Bharti A Tendolkar
Conditions/Procedures (Anaesthesia for) No. of Cases Treated
Total robotic surgeries 250
Robotic radical prostatectomies 91
Lap sleeve gastrectomy, Lap minigastric bypass 19
Commando with free flap reconstrction 56
LSCS 148

Dr. Trupti Swapnil Pethkar

Successfully managed following cases- pheochromocytoma excision, Thymoma excision, Esophagectomies, Caesarean sections and Kidney transplants.

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