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Dr. Kaustav Talapatra

Head - Radiation Oncology
MBBS, MD (Radiotherapy)


SIOP Fellowship


  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Image-guided and Intensity modulated radiotherapy

Services Offered

IMRT, IGRT, Stereotactic Radiotherapy, PET Based Radiotherapy Planning, Treatment and management of Head and Neck Cancers, Gynaecological Malignancies, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal and genitourinary malignancies , Brain Tumours , Head and Neck Cancers, Gynaecological Malignancies, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal and genitourinary malignancies , Brain Tumours ,Lung , liver, Brain Stereotactic radiosurgery

Languages spoken

Hindi, English, Marathi

Dr Kaustav Talapatra has worked in the premier institutions in the country with a wide spectrum of high end technology and a large volume of oncology patients. He trained in Radiation Oncology at CMC, Vellore and subsequently joined Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He has rich experience of more than 14 years.

KDAH Experience :

Dr Kaustav Talapatra was instrumental in setting up the Radiation Oncology programme at Kokilaben Hospital. He practices evidence based radiation oncology and has keen interest in quality of life issues of cancer patients. Already since the inception of this department he has pioneered, it to be one of the very few centres in the country to start PET based radiotherapy planning.

  • Treated over 7,000 patients for radiation under his care
  • More than 1,000 patients of head and neck IMRT one of the largest in the country
  • One of the largest experiences in India for PET based planning
  • More than 30 lung stereotactic cases
  • Treated more than 2,500 breast cancer patients


  • Condition/Procedures No. of cases treated
    Radiation >7000
    Head and Neck IMRT >1000
    Lung Stereotactic Cases >30
    Breast Cancer Patients >2500

List of Publications

  • Munshi A. Talapatra K. Dutta D. Breast cancer radiotherapy and cardiac risk: The 15-year paradox!. J Can Res Ther 2007;3:190-2
  • Mallik S, Talapatra K, Goswami J. AIDS: A radiation oncologist's perspective. J Can Res Ther [serial online] 2010 [cited 2016 Jun 28]; 6:432-41.
  • Mallik S. Talapatra K. Sharma D et al. Dosimetric Analysis and Comparison of Interstitial HDR Brachytherapy, IMRT, 3DCRT and Electron Beam Therapy as Boost Modalities After Whole Breast Radiation in Breast Conservation Therapy Brachytherapy 10:S47; May 2011
  • Sharma D. Chadha P. Talapatra K. et al.Critical neurological structure sparing radiosurgery of vestibular schwannoma: Dosimetric comparison of different techniques and dose prescription methods. Journal of cancer research and therapeutics 10(1):29-37 • April 2014
  • Sharma D. Mhatre V. Heigrujam M Talapatra K Mallik S et al.Portal dosimetry for pre-treatment verification of IMRT plan: A comparison with 2D ion chamber array. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 11(4):3268 August 2010.
  • Superior vena cava syndrome: A radiation oncologist's perspective. Kaustav Talapatra, Soumadip Panda, Sandeep Goyle, Kallol Bhadra, Rajesh Mistry. Journal of cancer research and therapeutics.
  • Recurrent episodes of hematuria: A rare presentation of leiomyosarcoma of prostate
    Kaustav Talapatra, Bhushan Nemade, Ritu Bhutani, Shubhada Kane, Ashish Bakshi, Mary Ann Muckaden, Siddhartha Laskar Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Year 2006, Volume 2, Issue 4 [p. 212-214]
  • Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the biliary tree mimicking a choledochal cyst Bhushan Nemade, Kaustav Talapatra, Tanuja Shet, Shripad Banavali, Mary Ann Muckaden, Siddhartha Laskar .Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Year 2007, Volume 3, Issue 1 [p. 40-42]
  • Transient asymptomatic bradycardia in patients on infusional 5-fluorouracil. K Talapatra, I Rajesh, B Rajesh, B Selvamani, J Subhashini. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Year 2007, Volume 3, Issue 3 [p. 169-171]
  • Chest wall metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma in the absence of a primary: An unusual presentation. Kaustav Talapatra, Reena Engineer, Jai Prakash Agarwal, Shilpa Vyas, Shyam Kishore Shrivastava. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Year 2008, Volume 4, Issue 1 [p. 42-43]
  • Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography fusion with pathological staging in rectal cancer (Br J Surg 2010; 97: 266-268). Talapatra K, Mallick S
  • Spinal epidermoid cyst with sudden onset of paraplegia. Anusheel Munshi, Kaustav Talapatra, Mukta Ramadwar, Rakesh Jalali. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Year 2009, Volume 5, Issue 4 [p. 290-292]
  • Late gastrointestinal disorders after rectal cancer surgery with and without preoperative radiation therapy (Br J Surg 2008; 95: 206-213). Talapatra K, Goswami J, Engineer R, Shrivastava S
  • Palliative radiotherapy in head and neck cancers: Evidence based review
    Kaustav Talapatra, Tejpal Gupta, Jai Prakash Agarwal, Sarbani Ghosh Laskar, Shyam Kishore Shrivastava, Ketayun Ardeshir Dinshaw .Indian Journal of Palliative Care, Year 2006, Volume 12, Issue 2 [p. 44-50]
  • Extramedullary haematopoiesis causing spinal cord compression: A rare presentation with excellent. Kaustav Talapatra, Bhushan Nemade, Manish Siddha, Mary Ann Muckaden, Siddhartha Laskar Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, Year 2007, Volume 10, Issue 2 [p. 115-117]

Abstracts accepted 2016 ASTRO meeting :

  • Comparison of invasive & non-invasive frame for set-up error accuracy in intracranial radiotherapy - An Indian Institute Experience. K Talapatra., G. Doss., D. Sharma., A. churi., A. Patil., Shaju P., P Chadha., A Kumar. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Nimouzumab and Inensiy modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) in the concurrent setting of locally advanced head and neck cancers: Early results of a prospective trial in India. K Talapatra, M. Deshpande, S. Goyle, D. Majumder, S. Badhwar, and R. Mistry; Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  • Papers Presented at conferences :


    Topic 1 : Inter & Intrafractional Variation of Respiration Induced Motion
    Topic 2 : PTV Margin Derivation for Stereotactic Treatment of Brain Lesions
    Author : Mallik Suman, Sushant Pawar, Vivek Sutar, Rupali Bhor, Rupesh Davrung, Sanket Patil, Dayananda Sharma, Vaibhav Mhatre, Singh Malhotra, Sushma P Venkata, Talapatra Kaustav.

    ARTICON – 2012

    Topic : Evaluation of Invasive Frame Based SRS Using Cone Beam CT
    Author : Sanket Patil, Rupali Bhor, Sushant Pawar, Sachin Jadhav, Ajay Churi, Shweta Chavan, Dayananda Sharma, Vaibhav Mhatre, Sayan Kundu, Pranav Chaddha, Kaustav Talapatra.

    ARTICON – 2013

    Topic : Two-dimensional Verses Three-dimensional Image Guidance in Prostate cancer
    Author : Sachin Jadhav, Sayan Kundu, Kautav Talapatra, Sankt Patil, Sushant Pawar, Ajay Churi, Shweta Chavan, Thara Nair, Vaibhav Mhatre, Dayananda Sharma, Pranav Chaddha, Suman Mallik.

    ARTICON – 2014

    Topic : Comparison of Invasive & Non invasive Frame for Set-up Error Accuracy in Intracranial Radiosurgery or Radiotherapy
    Author : Ajay Churi, Sayan Kundu, Kaustav Talapatra , Dayananda Sharma, Sushant Pawar, Sanket Patil, Sachin Jadhav, Shewta Chavan, Sushma Patil, Mariam Parkar , Vaibhav Mhatre , Shaju P ,Anam A, Pranav Chaddha, Anupam Datta , Sajal Goyal. Languages spoken: Hindi, English, Marathi

  • Priya Raverkar, Vadodara

    I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kaustav Talpatra and his team and all technicians and support staff for their excellent support and making me feel comfortable during the entire treatment duration.
  • Marie Goretti

    I enjoyed my stay in Kokilaben Hospital throughout. My Doctors, you have been so special. Your frequent visits, encouraging words made me feel so great. Keep up that spirit !

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