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Dr. Santanu Sen

Dr. Santanu Sen

Consultant - Paediatrics & Paediatric Oncology




  • Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, UK
  • Fellowship in Stem Cell Transplantation, Newcastle General Hospital, UK
  • Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK

Speciality Interests

Leukaemia and Lymphoma, other Paediatric Tumours, Bone Marrow Transplantation


  • Dr. Santanu Sen has 10 years of experience in the field of Paediatric Oncology
  • Dr. Sen has worked in Royal Marsden Hospital in London, which is one of the worlds best cancer hospitals, treating patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases and was responsible for all pediatric bone marrow transplant patients there.

KDAH Experience:
At Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital he has treated cases of leukemia, lymphoma, brain and other tumours. He believes that for a disease like cancer, nothing less than the best in the world would do and towards this end he has established links with centres such as the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden and Bristol Infirmary in UK to make the latest technology and therapy is available for his patients.


Number of Cases treated

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia


Acute Myeloid Leukemia


Brain Tumours


Wilms Tumours


Hodgkins Lymphoma


Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma






Ewings Sarcoma


Outcomes Data with International Benchmarks


International Survival Rates

KDAH Survival rates

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia



Acute Myeloid Leukemia



Brain Tumours



Wilms Tumours



Hodgkins Lymphoma



Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma









Ewings Sarcoma




Details of Professional Bodies or Associations

  • Examiner – Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, UK
  • Examiner – College of Physicians & Surgeons, Mumbai
  • West Zonal Executive Council Representative, Pediatric Hematology Oncology Chapter, Indian Academy of Paediatrics
  • Executive Council Representative, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai Branch
  • Member, International Society of Paediatric Oncology
  • Member, Children Cancer & Leukemia Group, UK
  • Member, American Academy of Paediatrics
  • Member, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Father of Raizel

We first met Dr. Sen during his routine rounds in the Hospital when our baby Raizel was born. It was his nature and soft spoken attitude that made us take a decision to choose him as our baby Raizel's pediatrician.

Dr. Sen's approach towards children is very friendly which comforts them a lot! His room is so inviting for children with all the colourful miniatures displayed... We love it too!

We are a nuclear family and find Dr. Sen's advice very practical which we can very easily relate to! We have also noticed that inspite of the long line out side his room we have never seen Dr. Sen loose his temper! Dr. Sen of what we have seen is also very courteous with the nurses and staff outside. We have infact recommended his name to many of our friends residing in the area.

Raaghav Dar

Our experience has been extremely satisfactory with regards to your diagnoses, treatment and professional behaviour as doctor to our beloved daughter Nayantaara. Even in an emergency our four year old refuses to go to any other doctor. Thankfully you have always been reachable even when you are out of station or on a break by phone or Watsapp.

Recently when she had an accidental fall your advise on wassapp helped us take the right decisions and helped to convince our daughter to go through the suturing process. We all have immense trust, respect and love for you as our daughter's doctor and have your loving care and professional advise to thank for her proper growth and development.

Richa Sood

I still remember when my son was born at KDAH, ant Dr. Sen came to see him on day two. The only thing he said was, "Mrs. Sood I know its your first baby, and parents tend to be more anxious. But don't worry I'm there to take care of him." And soon I realised that those were the most comforting words anyone said to me......

Dr. Sen is one of the most humble human beings I have come across in my life. Aa a doctor, he is something anyone can totally trust on with closed eyes...... No matter what time of day it is, he is always there whenever needed... A person very committed to his profession....

To put it in short, he is a God sent angel for us. We shall always be grateful to him for taking such good care of our son for last five years.....

Henal Kisani

I first met Dr. Santanu Sen in my room where I was put up post delivery. He visited my new born daughter Dhriya Khianra (uhid - 197231) since day 1 and since then i.e 2012 my daughter has been in his care. He has always been very clear and patient with us. We go for regular check up of my daughter but he would always give us the required time and also reason out each of his diagnosis and explain the entire logic behind it making it easier for us to take decisions.

My daughter sadly has been very unwell leading to hospitalizations a couple of times and Dr.Sen has been very prompt and efficient and shown the required urgency when needed. He has shown empathy and care whilst our hospital stay.He has always attended our queries and helped even at times through a phone or messages in emergency situations.

We are extremely convinced and we know exactly whom to go to regarding any health issues of our daughter. We would like to thank Dr.sen and the staff at the paediatric clinic and ward of the hospital who have cared for and helped us and beautifully fulfilled their duties towards patients. We are glad and thank Dr.Santanu Sen for building and maintaining the trust that we have put in him regarding our only daughters health. We wish him all the very best for all the future endeavours.

Jitesh Bhaskaran

Our three year old son, Master Prathyay Jitesh , who is suffering from Neuroblastoma, is under your treatment , since last November when we were directed by Dr Girish Chinnaswamy from Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel. He has undergone Bone Marrow Transplant on 18.11.2014 under your excellent supervision and only because of your full support, care and best treatment my son has come out of such a serious and complicated surgery and got a new life. In fact, we were very hesitant to go for such a serious surgery taking into consideration the life threatening complications involved. We are sincerely grateful to you for handling such a serious surgery with utmost care and such a vigil that my son could overcome all the serious complications and could be discharged within one month. Even after discharge, till now, you have extended full support whenever my son had any sickness even at home after BMT. Your approach towards patients is so good that we could feel free to approach you over phone / sms at any time for which you have always responded, which has helped us to give proper medication without any loss of time and has led to his speedy recovery. In fact, We have no words to express our gratitude for bringing out and saving our son from such a serious and complicated surgery which can be achieved only by such a competent, well-dedicated, patient-friendly, experienced and sincere Doctor like you.

We sincerely appreciate you for your good Doctorly qualities and patient-friendly relation, which plays a very important role in the treatment and recovery of a patient. In our opinion, Dr. Shantanu Sen is an asset in the Medical field and hope all Doctors have such good qualities like you. We wish you ALL SUCCESS!

Ashish Agrawal

Myself Ashish 27Yr, I’m a Cancer (Hodgkin) Patient. I know Dr.Sen since 1 yr when I was stuck with Cancer I remember that day when I meet him, I was little worried that he is a pediatric oncologist how he can handle my case but when I meet him & the way he convince me that I'll be perfectly fine my heart is rest assue for that.
As a patient your doc approach would very important & as per my experience the way Dr.sen is treating patient friendly. He never let me down even though in hard to hard situations like operations/Chemo/Radiation/Therapy etc, his nature is very friendly & he always available for patient like phone/sms etc so whenever I need I feel free to discuss with him.

I feel lucky that my treating doc is Dr.sen.

Garima Bagrecha

Dr.Santanu sen had been blessing in disguise for my daughter. When I was at lokhandwala after trying several doctors there...I found him to be the best. I shifted to Ghatkopar but Istill go to him. He could only diagnose immediately when she had repetitive high fever... And other doctors cudn.

So all in all I am super satisfied with his diagnosis for my daughter Saesha Bagrecha.

Thank you Dr.

Priya Chawla

This is in regards to our experience with Dr. Sen.My daughter, Mehr Chopra was born in your esteemed hospital in March 2012.We are extremely grateful and immensely privileged and satisfied with the care and attention that we have received from Dr Sen towards our child,couldn't have hoped for a better guide and pediatrician for our child and that too our first... The diagnosis and treatment each time has been completely satisfying..Thank-you ever so much Dr. Sen!You rock!!

Sarmistha Roy

We have been coming to Dr Shantanu, since our daughter was a month old, she is now almost five. During this time we have been to him for everything from a flu, to her fracture, to meningitis. He has been with us during some of the most worrying, most terrifying periods for us as parents.

Dr Shantanu calm, positive and outgoing demeanor has always had a calming and positive influence on our entire family. Radhika looks forward to her visit to Dr Shantanu.

Sarmistha Roy Banerji

Nivedita Mishra

Dear Dr Sen!

We as a family are indeed indebted to you and the wonderful facility of KDA so close to our residence.

We gained confidence in your capability and the entire team’s helpfulness in our first serious emergency. We still remember the day when our 5 year old child got an attack of HSP. We were a bit late in realising that it was more than ordinary rashes and reached the hospital very confused. Your timely diagnosis was a key reason why our child Mann could manage to recover soon.

Post that for all our kids health issues, we have always relied on you and have never been let down.

Happy to have the security and reassurance of your and hospital’s presence in the vicinity.

Bless you all!

Nivedita Mishra

Kainaaz Amra

Writing a feedback for our Dear Doctor is a lovely honour for us. Giving us a golden chance to Thank him for everything.

Words fail me to describe our regard, love and faith we have for Dr. Shantanu. The way our daughters are handled by him is beyond a 'Doctor's duty'. We do not trust ANY other doctor except him to take care of our little babies, not even for simple things such as vaccinations. After having 2 medical emergencies with our child, we owe a lot to Dr. Shantanu. Indeed, my daughter has re-christened him perfectly. He is, and will always be Our Magic Doctor Uncle. No One like him. Absolutely Noone. We thank Kokilaben Ambani from our hearts to have a jewel like him in their peadiatric team! He rocks!

Love and Regards ~ Baby Zaara & Baby Zasha.

Kainaaz Amra

Devisha Jatakia

Myself Devisha Jatakia, mom of Reyansh G Jatakia age 5.4 months, residing in Borivali East and it gives me immense pleasure and honour to write about the most noblest human I ever know Dr. Santanu Sen! Rather "The Dr Santanu Sen"!!! This may go little long since n... number of words, thank you...etc fall short while expressing my gratitude towards Dr Sen.

I know him since March 2010 when my kid Reyansh was born. I have never ever seen a Dr like him in my entire life, whom i can blindly trust for his opinions and decisions for my baby or anyone elses baby. My experience with Dr Sen can not be expressed in words, since words fall short when i try to do so. This is one chance wherein i am able to tell him and the world that yes...let there be cruelty let there be politics let there be any worse thing in this world, but people like Dr Sen have given a new standard to humanity by each passing day.

Well as a patient i am highly satisfied with the treatment and care offered by Dr Sen in my tough and tide. He is a clam listener who always helps us to express our problems and silly queries. He have asked him the most lamest questions and disturbed him in the most peaceful hours of his life but never ever he have showed any disrespect or harshness. Even during times when he is busy he makes an effort to let us know that he will revert back soon...and he surely does!!!, which hardly any doc may do. He is always there just a call or a message away and that makes us rest assured that our kid is in the best hands. We definitely might have done some good deeds that we met such a sweet person like Dr Sen, who have changed our thinking about Doctors. He is a role model for my kid as well, (i am not lieing or writing just for the sake of doing so) as he grew, and he started recognising names etc he still plays with his friends Dr Dr and keep his name as Dr Sen, when i say he is your doc and you may keep your name he strictly says no to me..mumma i am Dr Sen only nothing else :)) He doesn't likes our family doc :/ though is good and v sweet, he says..mumma my doc is Dr Sen then why do you take me to your doc please take me to him only, he surely loves you Doc!!

From our first visit till today and even in future i thank the decision of choosing Dr Sen as my kids peadc!!! He is having a invisible magical wand with him which spreads happiness. A true example of Being Human, actions speaks louder than words...i think i should stop now or else this will go on and on and on........

Thank you for everything, though a v v v small word, you mean a lot to me and my family. Blessed to have you in our life!!!
May you achieve great success in coming years and more and more kids experience your miraculous experience.

Adv. Mrs Ketaki Agarwal & Abhinav Agarwal.

To ,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
Administration and management board

I have been visiting Dr.Santanu Sen..eversince more than 4 years for my son Abhinav. Over all these years, it’s needless to say, that I have never ever seen Dr.Santanu Sen in a unapproachable mood! He has always been very welcoming,and ready to attend the patient. His diagnosis and manner of treating the infants is fantastic and result oriented. He has always interacted with us with a smile on his face and has put us at ease during the trying and testing times....

Even my son is very comfortable with Dr.Santanu whenever he is brought to the hospital. It has been a pleasure to have him as our family paediatrician. It's needless to say, amongst the very few best and dedicated doctors available at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Dr. SANTANU SEN is a very respectable and decently well mannered and down to earth asset to the hospital. He surely deserves to be honoured for his best services that he has rendered to all his patients and the hospital till date. And we cannot imagine a paediatric ward without Dr.Santanu Sen....He surely is a good samaritan, an angel to all his infant patients...The best quality in him is his patience and he has never shown us at any point of time tantrums or attitude...or never has he given us an impression of obliging us by attending to our needs whenever we required his urgent help.

May God bless him with lots of success and take him to greater heights...I and my son Abhinav express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Santanu for always being by our side whenever we needed him.

Warm regards Adv. Mrs Ketaki Agarwal & Abhinav Agarwal

Himanshu Shah

To start with, I want to thanks KDAH management to give me this platform to write about my experience with Dr Santanu Sen.

The memories of year 2011, are still crystal clear in my mind which even today leaves me numb enough to shiver my soul. 14th May 2011, I had an appointment scheduled for routine check-up + sonography, which revealed that my unborn baby had Neuroblastoma. When doctor explained me what it meant, I was shocked. CANCER was just a word which I had heard and read about, but my baby??? WHY??

I meet many doctors, gynecologist, General pediatrician, Pediatrician surgeon etc. Each doctor told me that post birth my child will need surgery to remove his tumor, and there is a possibility that he may lose his kidney. After each meeting with doctor, I was more shattered, due to the fact that each doctor gave me feeling, they are doing business, they were not able to explain me alternatives if any possible..

Since God can’t be everywhere he sends someone in disguise…for me one of those person during my rough time was Dr Santanu Sen…he was the first person to tell me “your child is very cuuutee” little angel God bless you!!”

Despite being busy he use to take time out and explain each and every possibility that could arise….I could freely ask him as many questions as I wanted, and he used to answer most of them to clear my anxiety. Doctors like him replaces the fear of illness with trust in recovery.

Though I am not the right person to comment but he has good subject knowledge and during the treatment of my child he had at times taken tough and favorable decisions which were life saving for my child. His concern for illness, personal attention and professional approach was just remarkable. He has saved my child from a critical illness.

Though I pray God that no one needs Dr Santanu Sen but still…even today when my child is sick, even today when the best doctor of our locality prescribes any medicine for my child, even today when I see any child sick or any parent in distress….there is one name which clicks my mind and is on my mouth…Lets contact Dr Santanu Sen…

Thank you Doctor…is what I can say there are no words further to say you are important!!!! God bless you!!

Himanshu Shah

Amar Thakur, Mumbai

It was a pleasant morning in November 2013 when my brother(Aditya Thakur) complained about the pain in the neck with big lump swollen on right side of the neck. The lump was hard and it was very painful for my son. So we showed him to local doctors but nothing helped. After 3 days he vomited blood and we rushed him to local hospital. The doctors there carried some screening tests and a biopsy of the lump was done. The results came out after 10 days and it was devastating for us. My brother was diagnosed with Stage 2 Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. We made number of appointments to various doctors but nothing soothed us. We did internet search for best possible hospital to treat the Hodgkins Lymphoma and we came across Kokilaben Hospital. The very next day we took appointment to Dr. Santanu Sen.

On appointment day, as we were sitting in a cabin, Dr. Sen was going through the reports. We were very scared as what will be his next words. After going through the reports he explained us the disease and possible treatments. He gave us the hope and maybe the courage and strength to go through this traumatic phase of life. He explained about prognosis of the treatment. He was infact an Angel in disguise. He recommended for 6 cycles Chemotherapy and probable Radiotherapy. During treatment he always motivated us and also used to play with my brother as if it was his son.

The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But caring doctors like him make it friendly and pleasing. Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis. Else, we would never have been able to continue living a life of bliss.

The nursing staff in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital was excellent. They were caring and most importantly they were friendly.

The treatment went smooth and after 6 cycles of Chemotherapy and 17days Chemotherapy, my brother defeated Cancer. It was all because of Dr. Santanu Sen and hospital staff.

I still remember during the course of treatment my brother asked him whether he could eat wafers, he replied..."Jab tu thik hoyega tab apun saath mai baithke wafer khayenge."

Thanks for teaching us the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to recover.

Thank You Dr. Santanu Sen, Thank You KDAH.


Amar Thakur
Brother of Aditya Thakur

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Speciality Interests

Leukaemia and Lymphoma, other Paediatric Tumours, Bone Marrow Transplantation