Himanshu Shah

Himanshu Shah

To start with, I want to thanks KDAH management to give me this platform to write about my experience with Dr Santanu Sen.

The memories of year 2011, are still crystal clear in my mind which even today leaves me numb enough to shiver my soul. 14th May 2011, I had an appointment scheduled for routine check-up + sonography, which revealed that my unborn baby had Neuroblastoma. When doctor explained me what it meant, I was shocked. CANCER was just a word which I had heard and read about, but my baby??? WHY??

I meet many doctors, gynecologist, General pediatrician, Pediatrician surgeon etc. Each doctor told me that post birth my child will need surgery to remove his tumor, and there is a possibility that he may lose his kidney. After each meeting with doctor, I was more shattered, due to the fact that each doctor gave me feeling, they are doing business, they were not able to explain me alternatives if any possible..

Since God can’t be everywhere he sends someone in disguise…for me one of those person during my rough time was Dr Santanu Sen…he was the first person to tell me “your child is very cuuutee” little angel God bless you!!”

Despite being busy he use to take time out and explain each and every possibility that could arise….I could freely ask him as many questions as I wanted, and he used to answer most of them to clear my anxiety. Doctors like him replaces the fear of illness with trust in recovery.

Though I am not the right person to comment but he has good subject knowledge and during the treatment of my child he had at times taken tough and favorable decisions which were life saving for my child. His concern for illness, personal attention and professional approach was just remarkable. He has saved my child from a critical illness.

Though I pray God that no one needs Dr Santanu Sen but still…even today when my child is sick, even today when the best doctor of our locality prescribes any medicine for my child, even today when I see any child sick or any parent in distress….there is one name which clicks my mind and is on my mouth…Lets contact Dr Santanu Sen…

Thank you Doctor…is what I can say there are no words further to say you are important!!!! God bless you!!

Himanshu Shah