Mumbai not only a city that gives the advantage of world class healthcare services at a fraction of cost, it is also known as one of the most vibrant and safe cities. Mumbai is well connected to all major cities in the world. Home to global multinationals, the city already has many foreign nationals working here. The city in general and staff at Kokilaben Hospital are culturally sensitised to the needs international visitors.

We constantly benchmark ourselves against the best healthcare institutions globally. Our outcomes whether surgical, medical or infection related, are all within internationally permissible limits

Yes, comparing the highest Quality of Care which is at par with Western Countries, our costs are significantly lower.

You can email us your queries at internationalpatient.kh@relianceada.com or alternatively use the online enquiry form. Wherever possible, please mention complete details of your recent reports. A note from your treating doctor would be very helpful. We shall respond to you within one working day with the appropriate specialist doctor’s opinion including treatment plan, cost estimates, and length of stay in hospital and in India.
Our International Patient Coordinator will keep in touch with you and will also assist in scheduling the necessary appointments for you.

Kokilaben Hospital uses Protocol and Care Pathway based treatment models to ensure the best outcomes for patients. This is made possible with our unique Full Time Specialist System that ensures availability and access to dedicated specialists exclusively attached to our hospital. No effort has been spared to scout and bring on board the best medical professionals in various clinical specialties from across the globe. Our doctors are supported by standardised care protocols that aim in delivering consistent patient care. This doctor's model is KEY in building a successful medical institution. To know more on our Centers of Excellence, Specialties and Specialist, please click here.

Once your travel has been finalised, we shall email you a scanned copy of the invitation letter requesting priority medical visa for patient and medical attendant, to be submitted to the Indian High Commission in your country.
We provide free to and fro transfer facility through AC car or ambulance from Mumbai International Airport to our hospital. We coordinate the transfer on receiving the concerned patient’s travel itinerary.
We have a dedicated International Patient Coordinator to ensure your stay is comfortable and hassle-free. our coordinator will provide you with all the necessary assistance required such as priority admission, out-of-turn appointments, billing and foreign exchange assistance, registration with local govt. bodies, availability of local SIM card, visa extensions, travel assistance, hotel accommodation outside the hospital and tour of the city.
In case of visa expiry, we will help you with the clinical documents stating the condition of the patient and the need for continuing treatment.
  • Cash (Major International Currencies such as USD, GBP, Euro, Omani Riyals, UAE Dirhams)
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Debit/Credit Cards (VISA and MASTER)
  • RTGS (Bank transfer into the hospital account)
There are landline phones available in the patient rooms. We can also assist you in purchasing a local SIM card. In addition, we have a fully-equipped Business Centre in the hospital. Our hospital is also WiFi enabled.
Our inpatient rooms have space for complimentary accommodation of one caregiver.
Our International Patient Coordinator will facilitate the ticket booking, and in addition to this, we also have a travel desk in the hospital that can guide you.

At the time of discharge, you will be given:

  • Detailed summary of the hospitalisation including health problems at the time of admission, examination findings, course during hospitalisation, treatment given and procedures performed.
  • Comprehensive advice on discharge, including medications, diet and exercise
  • All diagnostic test reports.
  • The contact details of the treating doctor will be shared so that you and your medical practitioner can keep in touch with him/her.

Overseas travel has not been opened to all yet, and we advise consider travelling only where necessary. Certain procedures/treatments are not to be delayed when advised by the doctor. However necessary precautions must be taken while travelling.

Please use the link below to consult our doctors before travelling: https://www.kokilabenhospital.com/manage/shop/onlineconsult-for-intl-patients.html


Kokilaben Hospital ensures strict infection control in patient rooms and open areas and has not stopped working ever since lockdown was imposed. You may feel some restrictions during your stay here which are to ensure your safety and of our staff.

No extra charges for COVID or lockdown are added. However, a nominal charge is added for PPE used by medical staff for your protection.

The hospital can assist you with air ambulance/air evacuation options which is managed by independent expert agencies and has support like oxygen, ventilator and trained medical professionals. However, this costs much more than a regular flight. Further details and pricing can be provided to you by the agency directly, which is independent of KDAH.

It is advised to have COVID test with negative report before travelling. This will help at airlines and at port of departure & landing. However, you may be required to repeat the test as deemed necessary by doctors at KDAH.