How We Care For Our Employees

How We Care For Our Employees

In adherence to our culture & values, we ensure that during the various life cycle stages of our employees in the hospital, they experience comfort, safety and a pleasant work environment. Over the past few years, we have constructed a young, dynamic workforce and motivated staff.

As our vision depicts a culture of care & compassion, we provide an easy work environment, inducting our new hires about the hospital and supporting them throughout their journey with us. Our culture sets us apart by focusing on being a friendly employer towards our workforce and extending an easy access to all levels of management.

Safety of our employees is of prime importance towards which we extend our health benefits by offering them Vaccinations, Consultation and Annual Health checkups for free.

We care in various ways by having an

  • Internal complaints / grievance handling committee
  • Mediclaim facilities, hostel facilities
  • Attractive perks on medical facilities
  • Employee counseling