Sports Nutrition Treatment in Mumbai, India

Sports Nutrition

A sportsperson or anyone involved in physical training for simply improving health requires sports-specific nutrition for acquiring the best possible results from their activities. An adequate plan for your nutrition and hydration is essential for better performance. It also helps to have a professional guidance for injury prevention and recovery. The Department of Sports Medicine at Kokilaben Hospital offers professional sports-nutrition support wherein a range of services are provided to boost your health for an overall better performance. Services from a daily diet diary to a comprehensive health plan are provided in this division of healthcare. Our sports nutrition service is supported by highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology.

Since birth, our parents make decisions about our food intake based on our requirements. Gradually, need changes and we try to adapt to it. But when you are a sports person or if you are involved in any type of physical training for either weight management or overall health improvement, you are required to follow a diet, specific for you. For instance, athletes may need more calories than any normal person. Hence, it is essential for sportspersons to have professional guidance for their nutrition plan.

Personalised diet plans are provided for:

  • Competitive and non-competitive athletes
  • For different sports (power & endurance) across age categories and in various phases of their competition

Any clinical condition associated is also taken into consideration

This helps the person by:

  • promoting good health
  • enhancing recovery
  • increasing energy levels
  • helping with weight management
  • improving concentration
  • developing body composition and growth

We have a high-end Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine i.e., a Bodystat Quadscan 4000 machine for body composition test wherein we check for body fat percentage, lean body mass, body mass index, etc parameters. It gives accurate and immediate results of body composition and hydration status within the body.

Our specialist also performs nutrigenomic testing wherein you get a complete roundabout of the patients health, fitness and nutrition overview. This helps in prescribing more specific diet plans & exercise regimes.