Why Us | Development Disorders – Kokilaben Hospital

Why Us?

After brain injury, the process of repair has to start as early as possible. This is feasible only if all the services are available under one roof. We are able to start rehabilitation immediately in hospital as soon as the patient is medically stable.

Typically rehabilitation after brain injury tends to take many years. Earlier the rehabilitation is initiated the recovery tends to be better and faster.

Children with neuro-developmental disorders have complex medical needs- the neurological condition needs to be managed often by more than one doctor (e.g, paediatric neurologist, paediatric orthopaedics, etc). Nutritional needs need to be looked at apart from the neuro-developmental therapy. They often need more than one type of therapy.

Therapists need to work in conjunction with each other to ensure best possible outcome. This is feasible only if all the therapists are part of the same team as opposed to a fragmented structure.

At KDAH, our well-trained and experienced multidisciplinary team conducts monthly meetings and discusses patients cases. These meetings prove beneficial in treating difficult cases as specialists of various disciplines discuss their observations and accordingly give inputs.

The Department for Development Disorders is supported by a team of 27 specialists comprising of:

  • Paediatric Neurologist
  • Neurorehabilitation Physicians
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Physiotheapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Language Therapists
  • Special Educators
  • Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Psychiatrists
  • Dieticians
  • Geneticst
  • Other Support Resources