Advanced Fetal Care Centre in Mumbai

Advanced Fetal Care Centre

Second Opinions in Abnormal Scan Findings / High Risk Pregnancy:

The Advanced Fetal Care Centre (AFCC)

If your scans have shown some abnormal findings and you have been recommended a medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), you may wish to take another specialist opinion before the final decision is made. Discuss this with your doctor carefully.

A second opinion scan by a Fetal medicine specialist involving the other specialties that are concerned (for example, if a bowel abnormality is found, consultation with a paediatric surgeon) is important for accurate diagnosis and prognosis (prediction of the future course of the problem). Many abnormalities can be surgically corrected with a good outcome. Specialist consultation is required to determine which abnormalities are serious, not correctable and which ones are less serious and / or correctable. The delivery of these babies also needs to be planned very carefully with the neonatologists and should take place in a centre with good NICU facilities, which are available at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

Not all babies/pregnancies with problems need to be terminated. With modern medicine and surgery, some of these conditions can be treated. At Kokilaben Hospital, we have formed a dedicated team for such cases, called as the Advanced Fetal Care Centre - the AFCC.

The AFCC team includes a Fetal Medicine specialist, Obstetricians, Neonatologists, Paediatric Surgeon and Paediatricians.

At Kokilaben Hospital, we also have a dedicated Paediatric Cardiac Centre, headed by Dr. Suresh Rao (Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon)

The AFCC is supported by the laboratory (cytogenetics, molecular genetics) and radiologists for fetal MRI. The in-house full-time expertise available at our new multi-specialty hospital ensures a seamless service for the mother and child.