Keratoplasty Surgery in Mumbai, Cornea Surgery in Mumbai


The cornea is front transparent window of the eye through which light enters the eye.

In certain diseases, trauma or inflammation the cornea becomes opaque and blocks the light from entering the eye hampering vision. If the back portion of eye is normal (i.e. retina, Optic nerve etc.), the cornea can be replaced from a donor Eye.

Depending on the portion affected in damage, the full thickness cornea (Penetrating Keratoplasty ) can be replaced or the front layers of cornea ( DALK) or the inner layers of cornea ( DSEK). We have to get the cornea from Eye Bank after registration. The patient should be prepared to undergo surgery at short notice. The success rate depends on many factors and may vary from low to excellent. In some cases, the graft may get rejected, infected or the eye pressure may increase ....warranting other surgery.