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Interventional Radiology

ARTIS Q Biplane system

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is now home to highly advanced state-of-the-art biplane catheter laboratory, the first of its kind in the country. In these labs, without performing surgery, physicians (Interventional Neuroradiologists) can remove blood clots (which cause strokes) from the brain and can repair weak arteries (aneurysms) in the brain. At the heart of the laboratory is a unique biplane camera. Aided by a contrast dye injected into the patients circulatory system, it snaps highly detailed photos of the brain and its maze of blood vessels simultaneously from two distinct angles. Colour pictures of the blood vessels appear in real time on massive monitors where the doctor can rotate the digital data to see the pictures from every conceivable angle prior to skilful intervention. While watching the screen, interventional radiologists insert a catheter via the blood vessels of the groin of the patient, all the way through the abdomen, chest and neck into the brain. Thus, complex abnormalities of the blood vessels of the brain can be treated without surgically opening the skull.

Using microscopic instruments inserted via the catheter, the doctor can remove blood clots, block aneurysms, insert stents or block vessels supplying dangerous masses like cancers and vascular malformations, thereby preventing haemorrhages into the brain and also re-establishing critical normal circulation.

Compact and rotating biplane detectors

The Artis Q biplane system provides fast, easy handling and streamlined workflow by combining compact and rotating detectors in both planes, including lateral detector rotation that tracks the table as it is tilted. The compact and rotating detectors enable virtually unrestricted patient access while offering outstanding angulation and exceptional coverage capabilities.

Artis Q includes the CARE and CLEAR packages to complement the imaging chain for optimised post-processing and dose reduction. The CARE package helps reduce radiation for the operator and patient. The CLEAR package offers a comprehensive range of applications to enhance image quality. CARE and CLEAR are standard with all Artis Q systems.

GIGILIX X-ray Tube

Artis Q has Gigalix X-ray tube. This tube has been designed around a unique flat emitter technology that generates powerful short pulses. Compared to filament technology, the higher maximum current of the flat emitter enables CLEAR pulse and enhances image quality in challenging situations such as with obese patients or in steep angulations.

Together with small focal spots, this generates equal image quality with up to 60 per cent less dose

New large HDR detector

In addition to X-ray generation, X-ray detection is crucial for high image quality. The new large detector comprises a 16-bit read-out generating more than 65,000 gray scale values leading to enhanced soft-tissue contrast in 3D imaging, especially at image borders (e.g. close to bones like the skull). Increased scintillator thickness enables higher detective quantum efficiency. This provides imaging excellence even in challenging situations and helps to reduce radiation. The water-cooled design meets high hygienic requirements, especially in hybrid operating rooms.