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Online Consultation - For International Patients

Kokilaben Hospital brings you an easy way to consult with our specialists if you are unable to visit the Hospital in this difficult times. Consult the best doctors in India for all your medical needs.

Choose a specialist from the dropdown list that will appear once you login and complete the form and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly to confirm your date and time.

Please use this video guide if you have problems completing the transaction

Available Doctors:

    • » Dr. Abhaya Kumar
    • » Dr. Abhijit Pawar
    • » Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
    • » Dr. Aishwarya Kumbhakoni
    • » Dr. Amol Ghalme
    • » Dr. Annu Agarwal
    • » Dr. Anshumala Shukla
    • » Dr. Aparna Ramakrishnan
    • » Dr. Attar Mohammad Ismail
    • » Dr. Bejoy Abraham
    • » Ms. Bhakti Samant
    • » Dr. Bhavisha Ghugare
    • » Dr. Dattatray Solanke
    • » Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor
    • » Dr. Divakar Jain
    • » Dr. Falguni Pari
    • » Dr. Gursev Sandlas
    • » Dr. Hemant Khandare
    • » Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar
    • » Dr. Imran Shaikh
    • » Dr. Jawahar Mansuani
    • » Dr. Jyotsna Oak
    • » Dr. Mandar Deshpande
    • » Dr. Mandar Nadkarni
    • » Dr. Mahesh Menon
    • » Dr. Manoj Mulchandani
    • » Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia
    • » Dr. Navita Purohit
    • » Dr. Niren Dongre
    • » Dr. Nisha Kaimal
    • » Dr. Neha Pawar
    • » Dr. Pallavi Priyadarshani
    • » Dr. Pradnya Gadgil
    • » Dr. Pravin Kahale
    • » Dr. Pranav Chadha
    • » Dr. Prashant Bobhate
    • » Dr. Preetha Joshi
    • » Dr. Quazi Ahmad
    • » Dr. Rajesh Mistry
    • » Dr. Reshma Vishnani
    • » Dr. S P Rai
    • » Dr. Sandeep Doshi
    • » Dr. Sandeep Wasnik
    • » Dr. Sanjay Pandey
    • » Dr. Sanjiv Badhwar
    • » Dr. Santanu Sen
    • » Dr. Santosh Wagainkar
    • » Dr. Sewanti Limaye
    • » Dr. Shama Kovale
    • » Dr. Shaunak Ajinkya
    • » Dr. Shreyash Gajjar
    • » Dr. Shruti Wasnik
    • » Dr. Snehal Kulkarni
    • » Dr. Somnath Chattopadhyay
    • » Dr. Sonali Vadi
    • » Dr. Subhash Agal
    • » Dr. Sumeet Singhania
    • » Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh
    • » Dr. Sunil Wani
    • » Dr. Tanu Singhal
    • » Dr. Tanuja Karande
    • » Dr. TB Yuvaraja
    • » Dr. Trupti Agarwal
    • » Dr. Tushar Raut
    • » Dr. Vinay Joshi
    • » Dr. Vaishali Joshi
    • » Dr. Vatsal Kothari
    • » Dr. Vidyadhar Lad
    • » Dr. Vikas Basa
    • » Dr. Vishal Peshattiwar
    • » Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

If you do not find your doctor in the list above, kindly CLICK HERE to view a list of our premium consultants

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Rs. 1880


Primary consultation service can be availed by paying the standard fees mentioned on the website. Free consultation with respect to showing of diagnostic reports and follow up consultation is not available thru online mode.

The Skype consultation is a service provided by Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute over the internet and has its limitations in terms of accuracy of interpretation of findings.

The participants fully understand that it cannot be equated to an 'In Person' Consultation & Physical Examination that is necessary as part of any in depth evaluation of a patient prior to prescribing any treatment

Participants in this Skype Consultation agree not to hold Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute and/or any of its employees liable to the opinions given herein.

Terms & Conditions:

We will not accept incoming Skype calls from our patients. We will not respond to any messages via Skype. Skype Consult is only for booked appointments via our Online Services system. Please remember there may well be teething problems. We will mould the service based on user feedback and our experience as Clinicians. We hope this is a valuable service we can develop over time.

Appointment Slots: Each appointment lasts 20 minutes. Appointments are available at selected times. We will adjust the availability of slot timings based on patient feedback.

Medical Emergencies: If you have a medical emergency you should NOT use this service and instead you should visit your local Accident and Emergency Department.

After your consultation: After your consultation the doctor will remove you from our contact list on Skype. This means that whilst you may be able to still call us on Skype, we will not be able to answer. If you wish to speak to one of our doctors again, you will need to book another appointment.

Security: Skype is a secure way of communicating. Information is encrypted as you login and Skype uses digital certificates to ensure that you are in conversation with whom you think you are. You should not need to apply any special firewall rules in order for Skype to function.

Your Skype connection: You will need to make sure that you are in an area where your internet connection is not likely to be interrupted. This is especially important if you intend to use your mobile telephone for your Skype consultation.

Some mobile telephones are not compatible with Skype; please check with your provider for further information. Certain mobile devices only have a rear facing camera and would need to be turned around for our doctors to view you during your consultation.

Using this service in a private setting: Our doctors may need to ask sensitive medical questions as part of your Skype consultation. Please ensure you are in a quiet, confidential place at your chosen time, free from interruptions.