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  • Bhumika Bhanushali, Mumbai

    About a year ago in very serious condition my dad was hospitalized. The case was heart attack. Immediately he underwent CAG surgery and the case was very well handled by Dr. Pravin Kahale.  His condition was improved and after about a week, before his shifting to general ward, he had on sudden onset of ventricular tachycardia. Defibrillation shock was given to him & he was reverted. Even in between he got brain stroke also.

    He maintained vitals and underwent AICD implantation by Dr. Pravin Kahale at the end whole complicate case was nicely solved by doctor. Today my father is much fit and living normal life.

    We are thankful to Dr.Kahale , other staff and the hospital.

    Bhumika Bhanushali- Mumbai

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