Bharat and Priit Khatri, Uganda.

Bharat and Priit Khatri, Uganda.

"When illness or an unexpected medical condition occurs we all need a good doctor, more than good, a doctor whom we can trust! But, in today's times it has become scary to trust doctors as we all have fears and not so good experiences. And if our child is faced with any such problem then the parents' condition worsens as we all want the best for our children.

We recently faced this problem in the form of a Hernia in our 5 year old boy and luckily one of the best Paediatrician recommended us name the name of Dr. Gursev. After our initial consultation itself we were sure and decided that we have found the right Doctor for our child. Apart from explaining us the medical condition in detail he also cared enough to explain to us the entire procedure of operation that our child would be undergoing. Most importantly he showed enormous amount of patience with us as parents as well as with our child. And throughout he was positive, smiling, comforting and considerate. Even for the follow up meeting he never displayed any hurry or inconsideration since the operation was done with and his job was over.

He is a true Youth Icon in the field of medicine. We deeply thank him for being so understanding and pleasantly positive throughout, which we rarely see in today's medicine practitioners.

THANK YOU DR. GURSEV, you surely make your patient feel like they are personally cared for."


Bharat and Priit Khatri, Kampala, Uganda