G.Pradeep, Kuwait

G.Pradeep, Kuwait

I had undergone an Arthroscopic Surgery on my right shoulder in May 2016, for a rotator cuff injury. The surgery was performed very meticulously and professionally by Dr Shreyash Gajjar at
Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai.

The injury was the result of a freak incident of TEXTING and WALKING, where I missed two steps and tripped and landed on my right shoulder. This was on 01st January 2016. Though the initial X-rays did not reveal any dislocation or fracture, I had nagging pain on the shoulder and restricted movements for about 3 to 4 months. Even physiotherapy during this period did not give much relief. Only after taking an MRI, the rotator cuff injury was noticed and was informed by the Ortho that this needs special attention and have to consult a shoulder specialist.

Till such time I was never aware that specialists existed for this part of the body too.

After research and consultation with friends, I was lucky to get an appointment with one of the best specialist in the field Dr Shreyash M. Gajjar who guided and explained the reasons for the nagging pain, how the injury if neglected, will affect in future and the advantages of correcting same through a non-invasive surgery which requires only two to three days of hospitalization. He also explained in detail the rehabilitation process which requires intensive physiotherapy sessions for at least two-three months and the hand movement will take about six months to achieve normalcy due to the severity of my rotator cuff injury. At this point of time, I could not lift my hand above 90 degrees.

In two months time, I was able to take my hand straight 180 degrees up and could move freely without much restriction. After about six months I was able to do almost all regular activities which I used to do prior to the injury. Today I am almost 95 percent recovered except carrying heavy bags or functions which needs strength.

I have recently visited Dr Gajjar and he has suggested few shoulder exercises for strengthening which I had stopped initially following which I am sure I will have a 100 percent recovery very soon.

Thanks to Dr. Gajjar for such a comfortable and caring experience. I would highly recommend that anyone needing arthroscopy or any related surgery to feel completely confident in Dr. Gajjar in helping you get back on track to a pain freeresolution to your shoulder or other joint related issues.