Jason Fernandes, Dubai

Jason Fernandes, Dubai

I am writing this short story to share my experience at Kokilaben Hospital. I had to undergo open heart surgery for an AVSD defect. I came to know about Dr. Suresh through a close friend, they told me Dr. Suresh is the best and specializes in these types of heart defects as my case was a birth defect. Dr. Suresh Rao is truly a man of few words who possesses qualities of both head and heart. I kept asking Dr. Suresh many questions about the surgery and after care etc, but Dr Suresh was so patient and understanding and answered all my questions.

I was in close contact with Dr. Snehal Kulkarni she was coordinating with me all the details from Dubai. I kept asking her with so many emails queries but with her busy schedule she promptly assisted me and was really patient and helpful, she is a wonderful doctor as well.

I was operated on March 1, 2017 it was a 6 hour surgery and I was scared too but deep down I knew I am in safe hand and under the best of surgeons and doctors. I prayed to God that he may guide the hand of the surgeon and his team. After the surgery which was a success I spent 3 days in ICU, it was a challenging time but Dr. Suresh told me its up to you to get yourself fit and better, It was very heart rendering to see so many kids having heart defects, but the doctors are doing a great job, they try to do things to the best of their knowledge as no Doctors wants to see their patients suffering.

I was taken back to the ward for the recovery stage and started getting better day by day. On my Birthday the 11th March I was discharged with real excitement as I enjoyed my stay at the hospital and was looking forward to see all my family back home to greet me. I flew back to Dubai on 22 March and getting better with good exercise and following a good diet.

The staff and team are wonderful and well organized and well supportive team with Dr. Suresh, Dr. Snehal, Dr. Silvia, Dr. Mohanty, Dr Garima, Dr. Bipin and Dr. Tanuja. Very hard working nurses at the ECG/Echo department very friendly and polite. The nurses at my ward too were very approachable. All these great facts make the hospital outstanding.

Special thanks to the physiotherapist who gave good guidance on the exercises to be followed. The dietician too made sure the food given was suited for me. I would like to thank my family, friends and relatives who gave us all the support during the operation.

Once again to Dr. Suresh and his team kudos and keep up the fantastic work !!!!!!

Best Regards,

Jason Anthony Fernandes