Mohamed & Khadija Ibrahim, Kenya

Mohamed & Khadija Ibrahim, Kenya

First of all am so grateful for the amazing welcome to Mumbai, the hospital at this point of time gave us a complimentary pickup and ensured we had accommodation. This is impressive since we are in a different country and we were humbled by this gesture from the hospital.

The following day 18th Feb 2020 we arrived at the hospital, Aditya and Ajit received us and guided us to the cardiac department.

We met Dr Sunil Wani a cardiologist, consultation was done and he referred my dad to Nephrologist Dr Niranjan Kulkarni. Both doctors since then did their due diligent and regular visits. They gave my father the best care he needed.. One day I remember Dr Sunil Wani explained my dads procedure and gave a simple explanation which we understood better. He said compare a new plane and an old plane both flying to Kenya which one is likely to get there safely? What he meant was at an old age there are more risks.

My father stayed on 13th Floor pre/post surgery. He was given the best care by the sisters there. I am forever grateful to the entire team. Sister Binu was amazing. Thank You.

Dr Lad Cardiologist surgeon carried out our high risk surgery and was successful. My father said post surgery he never heard his heart beat so well before surgery .this was good sign for us. We are thankful to the nephrologist for sound advice.

Thanks to Dr Sanjiv Badhwar for carrying out successful thyroidectomy surgery I am forever grateful. Dr Sanjiv gave us simplified explanation of the diagnosis which I am very impressed about as it is very difficult to understand doctors language. Also the care and empathy given is overwhelming.

I am thankful to the international coordinating team. We will highly recommend to Kenyans when we go back.