Mokbul Hassen Russel, Bangladesh

Mokbul Hassen Russel, Bangladesh

My son Master Barekul Musa was suffering from a Left side Grade 5 Vesica Ureteric Reflux. The accepted standard of treatment for this condition is a Ureteric Reimplantation as advised by Dr. Gursev Sandlas, Consultant-Paediatric Surgery of your esteemed hospital. Musa's growth was stopped under the condition.

In a very decisive manner the management of treatment was divided into two phases: a) Diagnostic Cystoscopy and Left Cutaneous Uretorostomy, and b) Left Ureteric Reimplantation. Otherwise the patient's life could be in danger.

After first phase of operation (in November'15) Musa was gaining weight and height satisfactorily. The medication that was advised by Dr. Sand las had caused no side effect during the period from 1st phase to final. After second phase of operation (9th May'16) Musa got the life of the common children of his age.

The notable part of the whole operational process (since November'15 to 15th May 2016) is that I found Dr. Gursev Sandlas very kind and sincere to my son's treatment. Through email and cell phone I got his suggestions properly and promptly. He was never non-responsive to my calls which has had given me mental peace. I must acknowledge cooperation of the Operational Team Members of Dr. Sandlas.

The administration people (Ms. Nidhi Patel and Mr. Aditya and others) extended their cooperation to me promptly. Nurses on duty for Musa have taken care of my son up to my satisfaction (although it seemed to me shortage of Nurses).

I should mention in a single sentence that the quality of services from entrance to exit of the patient was standard.

Mokbul Hassen Russel
Manager Board Affairs
Bangladesh Cricket Board