Ali Isa Gumale, Tanzania

Ali Isa Gumale, Tanzania

Mr. Ali - my father whose treatment from the start was exceptionally welcoming, there was a taxi arranged from the airport to the hotel which was pre-booked.
All the staff were very helpful and assisted us very well. We would like to give a great Thank You and appreciation to Mr. Aditya who was assisting us from the start to the very end.

He was always going an extra mile for my father unconditionally which helped ease my father's worries and aided him in knowing he is in safe hands and his medical needs were being attended to. I would also like to thank all doctors involved in my father's medical treatment and after care. Dr. Sanjiv Badhwar, ENT consultant who operated on my dad- we couldn't have asked for a better doctor. He was very compassionate and extremely helpful throughout the whole treatment.

Dr. Rao who did my dad's (R) eye cataract was also very professional and compassionate which eased my dad's anxiousness and worries.

Also, Dr. Tushar was also very helpful and helped manage my dad's migraines.

Overall, the treatment received at Kokilaben Hospital was very professional, welcoming, and went far and beyond in making my dad feel very safe and all his medical care needs were attended to.

Thank you very much.

Patients Daughter,