Akanksha Dubey, Mumbai

Akanksha Dubey, Mumbai

Dear Dr. Sarkar,
I just wanted to share how grateful I am for what you have done for Akshay. Him being a 19 year old healthy and fit boy, we never dreamt that he could be diagnosed with something so life threatening.

I remember August 20, 2018 vividly. We brought him to the emergency department at KDAH as he suddenly lost consciousness and never anticipated what news we were about to be hit with. I am thankful to all the doctors that attended him in the emergency department for their swift decision making and knowledge.

Doctor you briefed my parents in depth about his AVM rupture and the complete risks associated with the operation and the post-operative measures that needed to be taken. While he was on ventilator for a week post the surgery,you kept us informed about his condition and helped us not lose hope in what was the biggest crisis our family had to endure.We are thankful to God that he connected us with you. You are like an angel sent to us from above.

You saved his life not once but twice, when one month into the recovery he had a SDH and infection near the surgical site. Thank you for being so cautious and calculative while treating him and being so kind hearted and patient while dealing with me and my family.

It's been a couple of days since we discharged him from the hospital post his cranioplasty surgery done by you and can't help but think of what his fate would have been if we didn't encounter you. You are very skilled at what you do,with Akshay being a living example of it. I could see that you were genuinely happy about his recovery and thank you for always being so approachable and quenching my curiosity and being calm even while explaining even miniscule things to me. It's very reassuring for every family to find a doctor like you.

Doctor you are doing a noble job saving lives and I wish nothing but the best for you. You along-with your talented team of doctors (a special mention to Dr. Bhushan who had been phenomenal in dealing with us) are doing a fantastic job.

I don't think I can ever repay or explain how indebted I feel for what you have done for my brother. No matter which part of the world we are, I will be praying for you and your team's betterment always. I hope you reach new heights in your career as a result of your hard work and your distinguished personality.

Wishing the best for you doctor and sending lots of blessings towards you.

God gave him life,but you helped Akshay keep it.

Akanksha Dubey