Amit Rai, Mumbai

Amit Rai, Mumbai

Dear Mrs. Ambani,

I recently had an experience with Kokilaben Hospital that I would like to share with you.

Our daughter, Hita Rai suffered a near fatal asthamatic attack on Sunday morning. She collapsed on the way to hospital. We somehow barely managed to reach the Hospital The gaurds at the hospital opened the gate as soon as they saw us approaching.

They sensed an emergency coming. I took my car right to the staircase and I saw two people rushing towards me with a stretcher. It was as if they had been primed already that an emergency was coming. I was in such haste that I didn't wait for stretcher to come to us. I picked up my daughter and ran towards A&E crying for help. The guards kept opening the doors for me as I was carrying Hita in my arms.

Dr. Vijay saw me coming and took complete charge of the situation right away. They didn't waste a single moment and got into reviving Hita. Almost immediately Dr. Suresh also came into the situation. Both the doctors spoke with me to understand the case and then went back to revive Hita. They took decisions clinically and with tremendous conviction. Words fail to explain the trauma around the situation but I could see both Doctors owning the situation and fighting for Hita like she was one of them and with complete calmness.

Hita was revived but not out of danger. Doctors told us that they would move Hita to ICU but they did not have a free bed in ICU. In the interim both the Doctors ensured that Hita gets an ICU like treatment in A&E. As more patients came in I saw both the doctors managing each situation with same level of dedication. We moved Hita to ICU at about 8.30pm. thereafter the PICU staff took over and did a tremendous job.

The next day was emotionally over whelming. As I came into the Hospital, the security guards, house keeping staff, lift staff and nurses one after the other asked me whether Hita was fine. I was overwhelmed with their well meaning concern and good wishes.

I would like to mention that Dr. Vinay Joshi, Dr. SP Rai and Dr. Shantanu Sen and were instrumental in getting Hita back to quick recovery. Today Dr. Rai gave us a discharge clearance.

All of us in our family cannot thank Kokilaben Hospital enough for the alertness, empathy and dedication demonstrated and for what they have done for Hita. Usually we hear so many negative stories about over billing, carelessness et al with respect to hospitals.

But this experience has reposed my faith in Hospitals I was in the Hospital when I saw you coming in the other day and I thought you should get to know my experience.

Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Vijay. Dr. Suresh, Dr. Rai, Dr. Joshi and Dr. Sen & the staff at KBH for giving Hita another life.

In gratitude for eternity!

Regards Yours,

Amit Rai