Aparajita Sinha, India

Aparajita Sinha, India

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Dr. Shama Kovale

My husband had been suffering from an ear pain and discharge since November 2014. We were under the treatment of an ENT specialist who was supposed to be very experienced at least that is what we presumed from his age, however the discharge did not stop despite regular medication and cleaning of the ear. For nearly more than six months my husband was in a lot of pain which would only subside temporarily.

That is when we met Dr. Kovale at Kokilaben Hospital. Our first visit and the diagnosis was bang on. Tests were done as advised by her and the results showed what was being suggested by Dr. Kovale in her first examination. She suggested a surgery which really stressed us out and as most of the patients do, we also went in for a second opinion from the best ENT specialist in Bombay. His remark after seeing the prescription was " you are in very safe hands so do not change your doc'.

That is the kind of trust and reputation Dr. Kovale carries with her and that too most modestly. The surgery went off very well in June 2015. It was about 4 hour long surgery. The healing though took a very long time as my husband was getting immune to a lot of antibiotics, but having reposed our trust in Dr. Kovale paid off and today my husband is completely fine without any complaints whatsoever concerning his ear.

To top it all Dr. Kovale always carries a smile which is infectious. So beware, you may end up smiling even in pain:)


Aparajita Sinha