Armaity Maneck Bajan

Armaity Maneck Bajan

The Chairperson
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

To all patients requiring Minimal Invasive Lumbas Fusion Surgery.

I Mrs. Armaity M. Bajan am a 62 year old lady. From December 2010 I was suffering from lower back and leg pain. I could not sit for long, sit or even sleep peacefully as the pain was too severe. My family doctor told me it could be an age related pronlem and asked me to consult an orthopedic, who asked me to get an x-ray done and then an MRI of lumbay spine. But there was no improvement with his treatment. I also tried many other medicines (allopathy, homeopathy, aurvedic etc) but found no results. The pain kept increasing & spreading gradually. I started feeling very weakand tired at the end of the day. My cousin who is also a doctor advised me to consult a Neuro Surgeon - Spine Surgeon. I the consulted Dr. Abhaya Kumar from this hospital. He heard my case & saw my MRI report. He told me that I had two problems, the pain in my upper back is due to Rheumatism & the lower back pain is due to grade 1 anterolisthesis of L5 over S1, diffuse disc bulge with annular tear. He advised me to see Dr.Sunil Kumar Singh - consultant rheumatology and get the upper back pain in control. Within 3 months of treatment my rheumatic pain was in control & I once again visted Dr. Abhaya Kumar who explained me about the surgery of Minimal Invasive Lumbas Fusion.
I was operated on 19th June 2012 and when I was out of anaesthesia I reliased that my pains had vanished. The next day I walked with the help of a physiotherapist without any pain. I was adivised not to sit except whie using a washroom or bathing & could walk wearing a belt but without any pain. Gradually my sitting period increased & slowly after six months of being operated I free of all pains & the belt. I am just advised not to bend & lift heavy things, otherwise my life is normal.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Abhaya Kumar, his team & the extremely co-operative staff of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital who helped me get well within a few days. A great thanks to Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh & also to Mr. Vishal - from the physical Medicine & Rehabilitation department to help me out with my exercises.

Armaity Maneck Bajan.