Brinda Paymaster

Brinda Paymaster

To Dr. Vatsal Kothari, Dr. Sweta Singh and team,

It has been our luck or good fortune you can say, that we have got the reference of Dr. Vatsal Kothari and team for my mother-in-law’s severe covid treatment and then again when she got post covid inflammation & fungal infection in lungs.

The diagnosis of fibrosis in lungs was spot on and the treatment that was given in terms of medication and physiotherapy has helped my mother-in-law recover well.

When she got admitted again because of her oxygen saturation levels being lower than usual, the admission process and prompt bed availability helped the start of diagnosis fast. The diagnosis of inflammation in lungs and the fungal infection’s was good and the treatment given has shown recovery and she is feeling better again.

Sincerely appreciating the efforts put in for treatment of my mother-in-law and very grateful to the team.

Thank you on behalf of my mother-in-law Smita Paymaster & family!