Devendra Deshpande, Mumbai

Devendra Deshpande, Mumbai

My name is Devendra Deshpande and I was admitted to your hospital for  shoulder surgery between…..September 25th and September 28th 2020.

The issue was a recurring right shoulder dislocation and post MRI and the procedure that I underwent was Right shoulder arthroscopic bankart repair + remplissage +ISB done under General Anaesthesia.

My good friend Karan Shah was kind enough to quickly enable an appointment with Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala who examined me on the 17th of September and recommended surgery after seeing my MRI reports and thoroughly examining me.
I got operated on the 26th of September and discharged on 29th September. Here’s how I would like to briefly put down my experience after meeting Dr. Pardiwala and my stay at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital;

1. Dr. Pardiwala’s reputation precedes him…I was recommended his name by my Dr friends from Nagpur and Mumbai (Dr Parimal Fukey & Dr Amol Pradhan). I met him twice before the operation and what amazed me was the patience and the clarity with which I was examined and explained the entire procedure in detail. He answered every question that I had and ensured all my doubts were clarified, which helped me take an informed decision on the timing and place of the surgery.

2. Heena and Afaf (the support staff) were very efficient in guiding me through the process of admission/ insurance and other formalities required (booking/ paperwork etc).

3. Any patient before admission and surgery will get some nervousness especially if he’s alone during the admission but any fears that I would have had were completely put to rest after I met Dr. Gaonkar. The time that he spent with me orienting me with the procedure and how they are going to approach the same and stating that I need not worry about anything was not just reassuring but a confidence booster as well. I remember the next morning , while I was being administered the anaesthesia. Dr Gaonkar was telling the other doctors that Devendra is here without his family an so we are his family now. That moment will stay with me.

4. Post operation I was there for 3 days under the excellent care of the doctors and the support staff, special mention to Dr Raghu from Dr Pardiwala’s team for all the post operation checks and being the go to expert for any checks.

5. I would like to especially call out Abhishek Chavhan from the admin department for my smooth admission and exit without me having to stress about the exit formalities since one of hand was incapacitated. He was also the one my family was coordinating with to get updates on my operation since I was under GA (Dint want any family or friends accompanying me to the hospital as this was the corona peak). Without Abhishek’s support, things would have been extremely difficult.

I had my post 3 months surgery examination with Dr Pardiwala yesterday and I have been told that my movements are back to 100% and strength to about 75%…great recovery (and before time) considering that the operation was complicated and major!  Dr Pardiwala deserves the full credit for this and more and looking forward to getting back on the sports court in a couple of months :-).

I once again sincerely thank the Doctors, the support staff of KDAH for the excellent care, treatment, recovery and the lifestyle change (not being under the pressure of restricting shoulder movements).


Devendra Deshpande