Dr. Vipul Doshi, Mumbai

Dr. Vipul Doshi, Mumbai

I would like to add my experience on Doctors. Specially Dr. Shreyas Gajjar. My shoulder was dislocated with fracture. Went to Hinduja and other hospitals but was not satisfied with their treatment as I was not able to hold pen and my movement of hand was max 20 degree.

I went through Internet found that Dr. Gajjar has several years of experience in Sport related injuries (in UK and Australia) Dr. Gajjar operated (arthroscopy) and advised me to do physiotherapist. Recommended Dr. Aditi from Kokilaben Ambani Hospital. (All other Physiotherapists were skeptical about my recovery. But because of Dr. Aditi's sincere effort for 14 months(3 times a week).

But Dr. Gajjar used to always encourage me to improve my performance., I have regained all my movements and started heavy weight gym training<

I have never seen such kind of response from a Doctor.

I thank Dr.Shreyas Gajjar for giving me his kind support to regain my shoulder movement and Also to Dr. Aditi for putting her best .