Gagan Arora, 38

Gagan Arora, 38

The patients name has been changed to protect privacy at her request

Dear Dr. Jaydeep Palep,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the wonderful care and attention provided to me pre, during and post surgery ( laparoscopic mini gastric bypass).

I am very satisfied with the surgery as it has shown very positive results. I was hypo thyroid with hormone levels 10 times higher than the normal range. Post surgery it has come back to normal and my medication has been reduced considerably.

I have lost 40kgs in a period of 1 year which has made me active and energetic and leading a much healthier lifestyle.

I am very thankful to you, doctor for the personal attention imparted to me with regards to the post surgery specifications and also the timely help, since you are available on the phone/message which is very rare with doctors. Thanks once again.

Must say you and your team of dietician & endocrinologist have really done a great job. The hospital is the best in the state of affairs and has very polite and humble staff. At no time did I feel concerned about my well-being even though this was the first surgery of my life.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for having such a professional unit in your hospital.