Gautam Rastogi, Mumbai

Gautam Rastogi, Mumbai

We had visited Dr. Gajjar for my mother's shoulder dislocation, which recurred a couple of times due to her old age and weak muscles. Dr. Gajjar suggested a reverse total shoulder replacement surgery to us. Initially, we were a bit apprehensive about the surgery given my mother's age.

But we did our homework and realized that this was the only real option that existed. Dr. Gajjar was very helpful through out the process. He answered all the questions and gave all the requisite information in detail.

He was available on phone, in case of emergencies. His support to my mother and us during the time of surgery was incredible. After the surgery my mother underwent physiotherapy under his guidance.

He remained in regular touch with the physiotherapist doc and took regular updates from her about my mother's progress.

It was unfortunate that my mother had to undergo this surgery but we could not have been in better hands than of Dr. Gajjar's.

Bunch of thanks!