Gladys Rodricks, Mumbai

Gladys Rodricks, Mumbai

Dear Mrs. Tina Ambani

This is Gladys Rodricks, a teacher of Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai. I wish to take this opportunity to personally thank you and commend you for the matchless medical facilities at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and for your efficient doctors and staff.

My husband Rixon Rodricks, 37 years old, was admitted to your hospital on the 15th of January for giddiness. Within no time, Dr. Gaurav Mehta was consulted as the cause of the weakness was an acute Gastrointestinal bleed that had brought his hemoglobin down to 7. Over the next four days, his hemoglobin fell further to 1.9! As Jehovah's witnessss, we do not take blood transfusions. Dr. Gaurav Mehta kindly let us know what the scenario was but at the same time respected our right to accept bloodless alternatives. Though the 27 days that Rixon spent in the hospital, with 20 days in the ICU, were a traumatic for us, I had faith that he was in the best hands. If not for Dr. Gaurav Mehta's patient approach with us, we would have lost all hope. His experience of treating apoplectic of our religious faith in the US certainly proved to be a blessing.

Dr. Vatsal Kothari, the ICU specialist, has also been extremely helpful. His decisions regarding when to intubate and extubate Rixon were so accurate. Though he is extremely busy with so many ICU patients, he has always taken time to put in a reassuring word. Dr. Kiran Shetty put Rixon on the ventilator and personally guided us through the process. He went so far as to say that Rixon is like his brother and they will do all that is possible with the given restrictions to save him! I don't think we as a family would have felt so assured at any other hospital. Ever since Rixon regained consciousness, all have been more of friends to us. Their positivity makes such a difference, both to the patient as well as to the family.

Lastly, the entire staff of ICU 8, the nurses and the RMOs have gone out of their way to ensure that Rixon recuperated well.

Mrs. Ambani, thank you from the bottom of our heart for establishing and maintaining such a wonderfully equipped hospital. Thank you for respecting the rights and beliefs of each patient without any bias and prejudice. This was a unique case in every respect and we only have you and your professionally efficient team of doctors to thank. From our end, may I request you to please commend Dr. Gaurav Mehta, Dr. Vatsal Kothari and his team and Dr. Kiran Shetty for taking up this challenge so successfully. We have made friends for life and it is only because of them that Rixon and I can reflect on this experience of 27 days as a positive learning experience and not a trauma.

If given an opportunity, Rixon and I would like to share our experience with the management personally. Words can't describe the gratitude we feel towards you and the doctors.

May God bless you in all your philanthropic ventures and may your hospital continue to save lives.

With all our best wishes and prayerful gratitude,
Gladys Rodricks