Harpal SIngh Sokhi, Mumbai

Harpal SIngh Sokhi, Mumbai

A great Doctor is person who can actually give a second life and is God for you when you are sick. I happened to interact with one during my recent illness Dr. Vatsal Kothari from Kokilaben Hospital Andheri(W) Mumbai.

The very presence of Dr. Vatsal Kothari gave me confidence that i am in the right hands who not only diagnosed my problem within minutes of just seeing me but also was a great human being to interact with.

People across the entire hospital during my stay there had only one word for him "Hamarey liye Dr. Kothari Bhagwan hai".

A man who has dedicated his life to the profession, you see him almost 24 x7 in the hospital and fresh like a spring leaf every time you meet him.

I am happy to write a few words for this noble man who has dedicated his life for the well being of people.

Harpal SIngh Sokhi
Celebrity Chef