Harsh Somaiya, Mumbai

Harsh Somaiya, Mumbai

It all happened during Last August. Suddenly I was not able to walk. I visited the Local Orthopedic. He was of the opinion that there is Cartilage Defect in my right ankle. The conclusion came after MRI Scans. Though the conclusion came but there was no proper treatment just advising with bed rest with plaster on my leg.

But after a month though there was no improvement and the pain had increased. Then my family decided to change the doctor and believe me I visited 6-7 Orthopedics and all renowned ones but no conclusive outcomes.

Then one of my family friend advised me to visit Dr. Shreyas Gajjar at Ambani Hospital. Like ordinary people we were also of the opinion that it is costly. But no. I visited him on 5th October and he was quick enough to tell me to go for Surgery but we did not wanted surgery since my family doctor told me that it will lead to improper walking, limping, etc etc.

But Doctor Shreyas Gajjar assured me that everything will be fine. He was also quick enough to give me priority for my surgery since I had my CA exams the next month. On 7th of October he gave me appointment for surgery. Despite his busy schedule, he gave me priority.

Believe me after 7-8 months of surgery, I am able to walk properly, there are no complications with my leg.

To be honest, Dr. Shreyas Gajjar is very co-operative (i.e. with my Mediclaim company, he was filing the forms personally), caring, intelligent and smart enough to take bold decisions. Everyone should once visit him, the fees are not costly compared to other doctors.

He indeed gives you right and fast decisions.