Hemish Sagar, Pune

Hemish Sagar, Pune

Mrs.Tina Ambani,
The Chairperson,
Smt.Kolikaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I would like to give sincere thanks to Dr Abhaya Kumar for the successful surgery and treatment to my mother Vandana Sagar,

Background - My mother was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (Rare nerve disorder) , she was suffering from extreme pain on the jaw and chin.
Surgery - Dr conducted micro-vascular decompression surgery.
Recovery - Post surgery my mother has totally recovered from the pain and no side effects noticed.

It was possible only because of right analysis of source of pain. Dr Abhaya Kumar is very intelligent and experience and above all he is a thorough Gentleman , soft spoken and very clear in his explanation.
I am writing this for any patients suffering from similar disorder can trust him with confidence.

Hospital staff were very kind and supporting. The overall experience is worth sharing.

Thank you doctor for giving new life to my mother – from Family and Friends.