Jagruti Shah

Jagruti Shah

Greetings of the day!!

Just wanted to tell you a big big thank you for all the help, care and concern you had extended to my father and me during our admission to the hospital.

Had it not been for your timely help, my father would have definitely got a paralysis attack since his sugar level had dropped to 34 -- an abysmally low level. The treatment he got in the ICU was so apt and timely that i have no words to describe how grateful I am to you. Else I had almost become cynical and had almost accepted the fact that I was going to lose him. But guess you and God were with us so we had a narrow but a lucky escape.

I was down with dengue and my platelets did not start increasing till 2-3 days hence I had to get admitted to the ICU - albeit for a bit. Due to all this, my mother was very tensed about our health since this was the 1st time my father and i had got "hospitalized" -- that too together.

Last but not the least, Dr. Vatsal Kothari was beyond par excellent without whose supervision, getting fine seemed difficult.

I must say congratulations to you for having such an excellent team of doctors in the hospital who are not only empathetic, spontaneous and loving but also care so much for their patients.

One has to be lucky to get admitted under the correct doctor's supervision and treatment. And in our case it did happen -- courtesy you and Dr. Kothari.

Last but not the least - the hygiene level in the hospital that you maintain is outstanding. Cleaners, nurses, ward boys, housekeeping and dieticians are so approachable and just a call away.

I have recovered and left the hospital with good memories -- of everyone and all the experiences that i've had and I once again thank you for everything.