Javed & Nafisa Shaikh, Mumbai

Javed & Nafisa Shaikh, Mumbai

Since the birth of my son, Me & My wife was very much in tension after we come to know about his disease. There were lot's of questions in our mind. How we can get the Surgery done of a newly born child.

We were recommended by some doctor's that Surgery need to be done before the child complete 10 Months. We were in confusion that whether to get our child operated or not.

Thanks to god than we met you and you have explained us completely about the Surgery, when it need to be done, How it will be done etc. All the information which we needed.It was only by seeing your confidence we had gain a confidence to get operated our 9 Months Child & everything has gone well.

Would like to Thanks for :-

1. Keeping the Surgery within our Budgets n almost painless for our son.
2. Picking our phone calls and guiding us even at 1.am
3. Giving us appointment as & when required.
4. Giving us the confidence.

Thanks for Giving us a Peace of Mind....Dr.Gursev Sir.

Javed & Nafisa Shaikh
Malad, Mumbai