Kedar and Mayuri Parab

Kedar and Mayuri Parab

I was in your hospital on 9th Aug’15. I should say that I was treated by one of your best Doctor. Just sharing my experience for those who might want to choose the best Gynecologist. DR SHANTALA VADEYAR.... I never Knew her, She’s not my Friend , neither a relative nor a Far-Far distance friend. But for anyone who is looking for her delivery She is the ONE whom all would want to know about!!

Every Expectant Mother would be anxious to choose the best Gynecologist. My Husband did all the research to ensure I was treated by the best one. We did go through a lot of reviews of many doctors. After meeting Mothers who had their delivery done by Dr shantala.. we decided to follow her treatment. I should say that prior meeting Dr Shantala, Many of our family friends did say that KDAH usually does a C-Section. But I strongly DisAgree From the 2nd Month of my pregnancy I consulted only Dr Shantala. She had a very positive, motivating and clear vision.

I always got a positive feeling when i met her. Her talks were very sensible and she gave a clear understanding of all the myths that we hear during pregnancy. Right from Ultrasound to consultancy i was very happy. She always ensured that me and my husband were shown our baby’s face , palm etc. She answered all our silly doubts and question with a sensible logic. She never called us unnecessarily for appointments. I had pregnancy Sugar, My Baby’s weight had increased... All that leading to a C-section Delivery before few weeks of my due date.

Dr Shantala, smartly explained that you should go for a Normal delivery and for that you have to control your diet and sugar levels. She guided me well and ensured that I diligently follow her. With repeated Sugar tests and her guidance by the 9th month I was all set for a Normal delivery. She gave us a clear picture about the delivery on the 38th week and told us that you will deliver withing the next 72 hours. And she was right .. I had a normal delivery Thanks to Dr Shantala. But I am sure that had it been someone else It would have been a C-section.

She stood by me through out the labour pain for around 5 hours and made me feel comfortable. Thanks to her that I got the strength to avoid epidural, perform squats several times, do Sit-ups . I realized later that with her sweet talks and motivating attitude she made be go through the labour pains in a short time. Each time when I had a frightening feeling I simply looked at her.....

She use to give that relax-smile of hers to make me feel comfortable. Not to forget the humour and her motivating statements that just make you forget your pain. Words would just be less to describe how synchronized team work and planning she executed during my delivery. Indeed She is an expert professional. They Say that A Doctor is God. I never believed that...

Just thought they are any other professional, who gives service in return of Money. But you have changed my thought Dr Shantala...

Mayuri and Kedar Parab
9th Aug 2015