Leora Joseph and Erusha Isaac , Mumbai

Leora Joseph and Erusha Isaac , Mumbai

I compliment you on the excellent team you have built up at KDAH. My elderly aunt, Erusha Isaac was admitted on 13th February 2021 in the Emergency. The treatment and services during her entire stay is commendable. Notable mention should be made of your Dr. Vijay in Emergency--his patience and understanding of the patient’s fears and his humour in calming the relatives.

Given my aunt’s medical history, Dr. Prashant Nair was aware of the complications. He opted for a conservative line of treatment. He accurately predicted the outcome. The holistic approach of these doctors had a very positive effect on my aunt.

Special thanks to your Patients’ Relations Team  of Dr. Dhaval Bhat and Kavita Vaghela. Dr. Dhaval handled a very agitated complaint from us after office hours with finesse. Kavita is a dedicated sincere executive who consistently followed up to ensure our comfort and even telephoned on her holiday to confirm that our requirements had been met.

I myself am a patient of your hospital since early July 2019 under Dr. Mandar Nadkarni (another exceptional doctor). I too had a positive experience during my stay and also as an OPD patient. I would like to point out that over these last two years on my many visits to your hospital there are several noticeable changes and improvements in infrastructure and quality of services for the convenience of all visitors. Keep up the attitude of striving towards excellence!!

I earnestly suggest that your Trustees explore setting up and managing a chain of hospitals under your dynamic leadership.

Yours sincerely,
Leora M. Joseph