Mahesh M. Agarwal, India

Mahesh M. Agarwal, India

Dear Dr. Shruti (Nephrologist),

You have blessed me a new lease of life for which I am indebted to you, without your immense efforts in convincing the family this would never have happened. Your continuous endless approach infused a wonderful impact, which resulted into a positive & phenomenal scenario. Doctor I am short of words as outcome of the surgery have proved you a mentor by bonding the entire family members who ultimately appreciated your positive approach on the transplant , explaining them that dialysis is not a lifelong procedure on me, it has its limitation and my medical parameters would start declining over a period of time shortly. The only alternative left was a transplant which has taken place on 20thApril 2016 due to your Vigorous efforts. Thought process have made me believe “man proposes but god disposes” but only in the space of 100 days every aspect turned around which was impossible to happen in 2000 days i.e 5 1/2 years which divine force made this happen only you to answer this --- your day to day followup left no stone unturned which was a miracle--- you to answer who the disposer is?

The post operative care was phenomenal and unheard of at least in our country which only exist in western countries, you have proved that a hospital of your repute do believe in “THAT EVERY LIFE MATTERS” and when you (Management) say it they mean it , which was vigilant and apparent as all the medical report were text to the respective doctors till whole night who without fail instructed to the nursing staff and the subordinate doctors without seeing the odd hours of the post operative time, no time were left in doing need base corrective measure, what a prompt action to look after a post operative patient. This was a lifelong experience which happens only in your hospital & you have played a major role in doing so which was remarkable task.

Doctor you were never in favor of promoting cadaver transplant on me as it would not have worked out by considering my deteriorating health issues. It was only you who persuaded my wife and family members and made them believe that dialysis at this stage cannot be lifelong and embodied in their mind – that the only choice left was transplant which was opted for me. Once you explained the factual you had put everyone on task under your flagship, deputed your subordinate doctors to streamline the medical reports of myself and wife and put them at place so that no time goes in vain, which was amazing thought and lined up all the meetings with concerned doctors, Legal cell, Zonal Transplant Authorities.

In India no doctor would take so much pain to monitor and devote and spare the time inspite of busy schedule. Doctor I am short of words as how should I thank you and I salute you from core of my heart that how much involvement you had during last 100 dayswhich turned out to be a Platform for the transplant and gave me a new lease of life.

Efforts of yours shows confidence, motivation, determination, devotion and immense skill in your approach to treat a patient like me inspite of many apparent odds, without you being a motivating force after my resetting of fistula, episode of discomfort in breathing and lower urine output compounded the thought process and your concern to save my life on war footing, and within 100 days you set an unparalleled example by turning around all the odds and subjected a memorable transplant procedure. What a dynamic confidence you have in your approach “HATS OFF TO YOU DOCTOR”.

I once again thank you,

Yours truly,

Mahesh M Agarwal