Maneck Bajan, Mumbai

Maneck Bajan, Mumbai

I, Mr Maneck Bajan, 74 yrs. old have undergone treatment under Dr Shama Kovale at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, since last month. I was unable to talk clearly and had change of voice since last 2 months. I was diagnosed with RT VF cyst and swelling at vocal cord. Dr Shama had suggested surgery for this problem.

After surgery and your treatment, (voice Therapy under supervision of Avinash Karike), I was completely cured within a month. I was privileged to have you as my Doctor and you diagnosed the problem a glance. You were very helpful and polite in all respects, and I am totally satisfied by the treatment.

I once again thank you and your team for all your effort and cooperation.

Warm Regards,

Maneck Bajan