Manish Chauhan, Navi Mumbai

Manish Chauhan, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala,

I am Manish Chauhan, your last year’s patient from the movie (YEH BALLET) directed by Sooni Taraporevala. I had a shoulder labral tear with rotator cuff tear and you operated on me. I hope you remember.

I'm writing this letter to thank you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you for taking such great care of me. You have a special gift as a surgeon and as a person. Thank you for giving me my freedom of movement back. I'm feeling completely fine, and my shoulder is strong now, no pain at all, no flexibility issues, everything is perfect, better than before (like you said before surgery)! I can do all my movements required in dance, and all the athletic things like hand-stands, jumping on my hand, twisting back, throwing my arm around, there is no problem at all.
Some of my friends who underwent surgery before me are still recovering and still don't have full flexibility. One of my teacher’s from Los Angeles advised me not to undergo surgery since in her experience it would never feel normal again. But, I am very glad I did it, and now I feel more strong and confident in my  dance. Your manner put me at ease and helped me gain confidence.

In two weeks I am flying to New York to join an international dance company as an apprentice and pursue my dream to dance around the globe and put India on the map of dancing. All thanks to you and your experience that I'm strong and confident to dance on an international level.

Once again thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession.