Mr. Ganesh Prabhu

Mr. Ganesh Prabhu

Dr. Akshat Kayal is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend him to any patients seeking treatment for neurological issues. My elderly father went to him seeking help with complex spine-related problems. My parents and I were incredibly impressed with Dr. Kayal. In particular, three main aspects stood out.

First is his very thorough and methodical manner of treatment. He devised a plan for investigation and treatment that was very systematic, to ensure we arrived at the right course of action without jumping to conclusions or making hasty decisions.

Second is his thoughtfulness and care for the overall welfare of the patient. He kept the overall comfort and quality of life of the patient as the top priority and proceeded with caution. This gave us confidence that he would only recommend an aggressive course of action when strictly necessary.

Finally, we deeply appreciated that he was always able and willing to explain complicated medical issues in a simple and clear manner so that everyone understood what was going on. He never rushed, and was always willing to spend as much time as needed to answer all our questions.

My parents and I are very grateful that Dr. Kayal is managing our care.