Mrs. Anjali Srinivasan, Mumbai

Mrs. Anjali Srinivasan, Mumbai

ӬDear Sir/Madam,ӬӬ

These days, when doctors are unnecessarily targeted, I felt it ought to be our duty to recognise their sincerity and hard work and appreciate the efforts they put in.ӬӬI'm approaching 60; with the gradual slowing down of reflexes, and a host of infirmities.

To cap it, I had a fracture due to a fall, around 11th March 2017. Quickly, my family took me to Kokilaben Hospital and Dr. Avinash Date treated me for the same. The recovery was quick. ӬThen again, some time back, I had severe pain in my forearm. A hundred doubts whether it could be frozen shoulder syndrome or some other problem, saw us make a trip back to the hospital.

Again, Dr. Date on examining the x-ray assured that there wasn't any problem and prescribed some medicines. Within 24 hours the pain subsided and I could move my hands. We felt really relieved. ӬӬI just wanted to convey my gratitude for the excellent treatment. I would also like to place on record the dedication of the staff, the receptionists and the management. The hospital is spick and span and has the state-of-the-art equipments.

The doctors are very well-qualified and patient while dealing with the patients. I also observed while sitting in the lobby, the maintenance staff are very efficient and polite.ӬӬAs I couldn't find the email i.d of the hospital, this note is being addressed to you Sir.

ӬSincere Thanks.Ӭ

Warm Regards,ӬӬ

Mrs. Anjali SrinivasanӬ