Mrs Rini Samuel, Mumbai

Mrs Rini Samuel, Mumbai

It was in May 2011 that I, almost overnight, lost vision in my right eye. I had suffered a submacular retinal haemorrhage. Many leading retinal specialists in the country were consulted. Each was of the opinion that I would need to undergo a vitrectomy surgery, since the retina could not be viewed due to the presence of blood in the vitreous cavity.

But, the retina specialist at KDAH Dr. Niren Dongre took painstaking efforts to examine me regularly and treat me without resorting to any such invasive procedures. Within a year, I regained complete 6/6 vision. This recovery reached many by word of mouth, and when people I barely knew sought my opinion of Dr Niren, I gladly referred them to him. I have learnt that they have not been disappointed, either.

I will always remember the care and compassion extended to me by Dr. Niren at a time when I was experiencing a deep sense of loss and discouragement over this condition. He was patient, sensitive, accessible and knowledgeable. He always encouraged me to ask questions, and cleared my doubts. I felt better after every interaction. I also noticed that he extended this warmth and commitment to all patients.

A few years later, I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. Though the condition may not fully curable, Dr Niren's dedication and commitment stood out once again as he helped me regain vision.

Dr Niren is an asset to KDAH and humankind as a whole. May God bless him and his work.