Niranjan Ajgaonkar, Mumbai

Niranjan Ajgaonkar, Mumbai

I was admitted to the Accident & emergency section of KDAH on 19-may-18 with an incident of seizures and resultant fracture in shoulder. Everything felt fine to start with, but one investigation led to other and ultimately I was diagnosed with a 3cm tumour in the brain. That is when I was introduced to Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar and his team from Neurology department. The very first and lasting impression that I had from them was that of confident, professional and well-organized unit that inspired confidence and trust. Dr Sarkar has always maintained complete transparency about each procedure, its purpose, relevance, potential risks and impact.

Thanks to the effective communication and confidence of Dr Sarkar and his team, when I went for a neurosurgery on 25th May-18 (one day after my 13th wedding anniversary), I was totally relaxed and cool about the entire procedure. It was an awake craniotomy, which meant that I was under local anaesthesia and fully conscious and awake throughout the procedure. However, the environment in the OT was completely relaxed and the way the doctors went about their tasks the surgery was a breeze. It went on for more than 5 hours but to me it seemed to be like under an hour.

I was transferred out of the ICU to the ward within 24 hours of the surgery and discharged from the hospital on the 4th day after surgery. On my return home, I met friends and relatives who tried their best to make it appear that I had been through a “major” procedure. But I continue to maintain that it was just another medical treatment, and may be just another day at work for Dr Sarkar and his team.

I understand that recovery and “normalcy” would take time, it’s a human body after all and there is no magic here. In fact, my brain needs to train my right leg to walk again. So, I need to be patient here. Also, radiation therapy may be required to manage the remainder of the tumour that could not be removed for strategic reasons. And some of the treatment and medicines have inevitable side- effects. However, with this kind of head start that I got at KDAH, I am confident of full recovery and getting back to all things that I could do before 19-may-18.

I would like to express my most sincere thanks to Dr Sarkar and his team for seeing me through this procedure. They are someone who you can trust your brain with…

Thank you.