Paru Shah

Paru Shah

To all patients requiring neurological treatment,

I would like to share my experience with all patients who have neurological problems.

I am 50 years old and was suffering from severe headache since two and a half years 24x7. it had made my life miserable. I consulted many neurologists , popped in all kinds of medicines for migraine, vertigo, depression, spondylosis etc. six months back an MRI revealed that i have a congenital problem called "Chiari1 malformation" and that surgery is the only cure. I was very scared about it being fatal. I did a lot of research online to understand my problem, took couple of neuro surgeon opinions.

I was advised to consult Dr. Abhaya Kumar in this hospital. He is extremely intelligent, confident ,informative , ready to answer
all my queries and he is very patient and gentle in treating patients. He was with me at every step- pre anasthesia., soon after surgery in the recovery room and back in the ward. At every step he informed me very well as to what is going to happen next and why . it was a very satisfying experience for me as there was no room for fear left. My surgery went off very well. Their was minimum , tolerable pain of the surgery but all the agony of two and a half years was all gone in a jiffy. Post operative care is also very good.

I would recommend Dr. Abhaya Kumar strongly to anyone with neurological problems.

Thank you doctor for giving me a new life to enjoy with my family and friends. YOU ARE THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD