Prachi, mother of Abir

Prachi, mother of Abir

Good evening Doctor,

I am Prachi, Abir's mom. Abir has recently gone through ROSS Konno procedure at Kokilaben Hospital.

I did call you but it didn't go through. Just wanted to thank you for all the help and support.

For Abir, I have met almost all the possible available surgeons in Bangalore and in Pune. Many cardiologist even surgeons there suggested me to get this procedure done from Dr. Suresh Rao. Spoke to few patients as well and all gave very good feedback about hospital, doctors and even about the nurses.

I must say what I heard I experienced lot more than that. Starting from getting appointments - Akanksha - She is very helpful.

Dr. Suresh Rao and his team, they are the best. I feel they are gifts from God for the parents like us. I am forever thankful to all of them. They are lifesavers.

Nurses - they made sure Abir recovers soon. They took care of him with lots of love n care that now Abir calls them Didi.

I am thankful to all the  staff who made sure we get timely food, clean cloths and that the room hygiene is taken care. They have equally important role to play in Abir's recovery.

Once again, Thank you so very much for taking care of my little one and being so skilled at what you do.

This hospital and each and every person working here will be in my prayers forever.