Prashant Belsare

Prashant Belsare

Dear Dr Narain,
Words like "Hospital"," Court" are associated with a lot of apprehensions and uncertainties. It was no different for us (Me and my wife Deepti) when she was admitted to your hospital on the 9th of Oct 2009 - for her pregnancy which was later diagnosed as a severe condition call "pre eclampsia". The series of events that have transpired since have compelled us to think otherwise. 

My wife who was then pregnant with our first child was admitted to your hospital and was detected with a condition called IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). She was being attended to by Dr. Shantala Vadeyar. 

Before admission, Dr. Vadeyar made us aware that we may have to deliver the baby prematurely &  the risks associated with the same. She also said that the baby would have to be admitted in the NICU for a prolonged period and arranged a meeting between us and Dr. Vinay Joshi from the NICU team of your hospital.

Most of our apprehensions and questions were adeptly answered by Dr. Joshi without sugar coating facts (much appreciated) which gave us the confidence to take this head on.

Our baby girl (Ananya) was born on 15th Oct 2009 at 21.54 hours and was immediately transferred to the NICU. She was under the expert supervision of Dr.Vinay Joshi  and Dr. Preetha Joshi for 64 days before we could finally take her home. I am highly impressed and extremely thankful to the way my wife and our newborn is being taken care of in the hospital by the entire NICU team led by Dr. Joshi.

The NICU team worked tirelessly for 64 days so that we could sleep in peace! No words can fathom our gratitude.

What was most comforting during these tumultuous times was the confidence instilled in us by your entire staff at the NICU. The team at the NICU will always remain etched in our memory as the first parents of our bundle of joy. They are the ones who have actually toiled 24*7 to put me in a position to write this letter.

No letter however long or filled with gratitude will ever be able to entirely encompass what your NICU and Gynac team has done for my Wife and Daughter.

I always knew that yours was a noble profession……………. but I now understand why!