Pratapaditya Chakrabarty, Mumbai

Pratapaditya Chakrabarty, Mumbai

Dear Madam,

It is my privilege to introduce myself; I am Pratapaditya Chakrabarty working in ONGC in the capacity of Chief Engineer. My wife Mrs. Paramita Chakrabarty was admitted under Dr.Suchitra Pandit in your hospital for laparoscopic hysterectomy on 20thof March’16. She was admitted in room no 14009.

Earlier D&C had been done at Jaslok hospital but somehow we did not find that much of confidence with the concerned doctor for surgery. I was searching for alternate hospital and doctor. I had contacted our just retired Head of Medical ONGC, Dr.J.M.Das for suggestion as where the surgery is to be carried out. He had suggested two hospitals one is Leelavati and the other is Kokilaben. I did not know any doctors in both the hospitals and moreover I had never visited Kokilaben. I know that our earlier Head of Medical Dr.Jogen Duarah is in Kokilaben as an adviser. I am having lots of regards to Dr.Duarah and confident that he can guide me for selecting proper doctor. He suggested me to consult Dr.Suchitra Pandit and on the same day we had consulted Dr. Pandit on 5th December 2015. We were extremely satisfied with her consultation and we found that the doctor is not at all greedy. Doctor suggested to watch for three months as Mirena was inserted on 3rdNov and in 80% cases it gives good result. We had consulted several times during this period and on 5th of March Doctor suggested to take a call for surgery as Mirena was not responding in her case. I was in the apprehension whether laparoscopic surgery can be done as she had undergone two Cesarean sections and I had expressed my feeling. She had given me confidence not to worry as they will take care and Laparoscopic specialist Dr. Anshumala Shukla will be with her during surgery. I was having full trust on Dr. Pandit and was really appreciating to see her approach as she believes in team and I realized that we are in right place with right doctor.

My wife was admitted on 20thof March, Sunday. I was having apprehension that admitting in holiday may face hick ups but admission procedure was smooth though found that allotted room was not ready when we arrived at 14th floor. Initially she was allotted room no 14057 but my wife was disappointed as the floor mat was badly damaged and gives dirty look. The room was changed on the next day and it was really excellent.

Dr. Pandit assessed my agony during consultation and briefed me very clearly that surgery will start one hour after getting in OT room and duration of surgery may be two hours.

Surgery took place on the next day ie 21stof March. Initially it was scheduled at 3 pm but unfortunately due to some emergency critical cases it got delayed. She was taken to OT at 8 pm and I received a call at 9 pm from junior doctor that the surgery had just started. Dr. Pandit along with Dr. Anshumala called me at 11.05 pm that surgery is over and successful. They have shown me cut portion of uterus and removed Mirena. Doctor told me to meet my wife at recovery room. Dr. Pandit and Dr. Anshumala is really super specialist and they are having God gifted skill in their profession. I am grateful to the Doctors as they are representative of God for us.

I am spellbound by the services of Nursing in Pre and post operative care. We read about Florence Nightingale but experienced those flocks of Nightingales are available in your hospital. I have watched the nursing offered to my wife by Sister Cathrin throughout the night after shifting in room from OT at 12.15 am which impressed me so much that difficult to express in words.

Hospital food was excellent and hygienic. Housekeeping was very good.

As per my assessment, this is one of the best and transparent hospitals in India and may be compared with the best hospitals in the world.

Once again I am very much thankful to Dr. Suchitra Pandit, Dr. Anshumala Shukla, group of junior Doctors, Nurses and hospital management for the best treatment provided to my wife.

Pratapaditya Chakrabarty